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Health 244 views Jan 07, 2020
Natural Ways to Maintain Your Blood Pressure Steady

Having low blood pressure has always been a concern among people of all ages. Those who experience chronic hypertension usually encounter dizziness, loss of consciousness and blackouts. Low blood pressure happens when the diastolic and systolic pressure falls under 90- and 60-mm HG while normal blood pressure is usually less than 120\80 mm Hg. The good news is that regardless if you have a low or to high blood pressure, adopting a healthy lifestyle can be the end of this chronic problem.

The most common causes for abnormal blood pressure are the lack of physical activity, genetics, being overweight, smoking or alcohol abuse. Luckily, with the necessary diet, an active lifestyle, and the correct mindset you can overcome an abnormal blood pressure without having to complicate or stressing yourself out. The following tips might come in handy for everyone, regardless of their gender and age:

Be More Active

Most probably you’ve heard it millions of times, but having a more active lifestyle, can put an end to your blood pressure problem. Some would say that exercising is the best thing you could do to lower your pressure. Additionally, you can be active, look and feel good at the same time through your favourite activity. Maybe you have a passion for hiking, and you haven’t discovered it yet, no matter what physical activity you enjoy, your hearth will be much stronger and more efficient at pumping blood which can considerably lower your blood pressure in arteries.

Experts recommend us to have at least 150 minutes of physical exercises, like running, yoga or walking, in order to lower the blood pressure and improve the overall health. Moreover, the more active you become the bigger are the chances to maintain your blood pressure at a normal of 120/80.

Consider a Home Blood Pressure Kit

As soon as you’ve understood how blood pressure works it would be recommended to invest in a blood pressure kit, to make sure you’re kept updated to the latest changes in your body. It’s important to understand the blood pressure may not be that dangerous if you’re adopting the right mindset, get quality health services and take care of your diet. So, if you listen carefully to your doctor, check your blood pressure at least twice a day and respect your medication, nothing can go wrong. However, if you invest in a blood pressure kit, try to learn how to do it properly so you can get the accurate readings.

Increase the Potassium Intake

Usually found in most foods, potassium is a mineral that can help us balance minerals and fluids in our bodies. Additionally, potassium can help the body maintain normal blood pressure and boosts muscle contraction. Why do you need more potassium? Mainly because is one of the most important minerals your body that reduces both water retention and blood pressure.

A steady intake of potassium prevents stroke, kidney stones and osteoporosis. Usually, potassium deficiency can lead to constipation, weakness and fatigue that eventually escalates to respiratory failure, paralysis and unpleasant gut obstructions. To make sure you get the necessary amount of potassium, implement in your diet foods such as:

  • Potatoes and Sweet potatoes
  • Dried Apricots
  • Lentils
  • Leafy Greens
  • Tomato juice or puree
  • Beans
  • Raisins
  • Milk and Yoghurt
  • Avocado
  • Sea Food

Natural Supplements

For those who enjoy and appreciate the benefits plants brought in our lives, know very well that plants are the oldest and cheapest and healthiest alternative for normal blood pressure. Although this can be a better alternative to the usual medication, you must first take into consideration your doctor’s advice before starting a plant-based diet because some of them especially if taken in large quantities may cause unwanted effects or even obstruct other medications. However, if you plan to introduce plants in your diet and you consider them to be a better alternative to your health pressure problem, the following plants are known to have considerable benefits:

  • Cinnamon

Known to be one of the tastiest seasoning ingredients so far, and you may introduce it in your diet through various exciting recipes. A recent study has shown that Cinnamon may overcome acute symptoms of both low and high blood pressure.

  • Basil

This yummy herb goes well-mixed with a variety of foods and it helps you decrease your blood pressure. Containing an active ingredient called eugenol, basil can block certain substances in your body that tighten the blood vessels.

  • Cardamom

Originally used in South Asian cuisine, Cardamom has proven to be highly efficient when it comes to low blood pressure. You should consider including Cardamom in your diet through various recipes such as stews, soups, or why not baked goodies if you wish to add an original flavour.

  • Garlic

This amazing ingredient can do more than just ruining your breath or adding that amazing flavour in your foods. Garlic has proven to be an excellent aid for those who experience low blood pressure. The active ingredient that makes garlic to be that magic, is called nitric oxide and can help your blood vessels dilate and relax. For those that can’t simply stand garlic in their food, garlic supplements might be a better option.

  • Ginger

Recent studies have proved the amazing benefits gingers have on our bodies. This essential ingredient should not miss from your home if you’re dealing with blood pressure problems. Ginger induces relaxation into the blood vessels and lowers your blood pressure. Usually used in Asian foods, ginger is an excellent ingredient that can be mixed with various beverages and sweets.

  • French Lavender

There is no doubt that lavender can offer us both an alluring ambience in our homes and extraordinary health benefits.  Many people consider integrating French Lavender in their homes and diet, especially those who're experiencing high blood pressure. Even though not everybody considers lavender to be an extraordinary ingredient for cooking, lavender can be used in the same way we would use rosemary.

Meditation Can Be a Life Saviour

Most of the times, the main cause of increased blood pressure can be our hectic lifestyle. Luckily, we have now within our reach plenty of stress reduction techniques to help us maintain both our hearth and mind relaxed. There is no doubt that meditation can be now a life saviour. With proper techniques, a correct mindset and diet we can overcome blood pressure problems and learn how to live a more peaceful and less stressful life.

To make sure you maintain your blood pressure steady you should not underestimate the benefits of a proper diet, physical activity and meditation. You can start by making small changes in your everyday routines, habits and food intake or even in the way you respond to stressful situations.