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Entrepreneurship 587 views Nov 22, 2019
6 Effective Applications of Explainer Videos

We, humans, are very visual creatures and that makes us naturally more inclined to pay attention to and assimilate information when it is given to us in the form of videos rather than audio or text.

According to research done by Cisco, by the year 2021, 80% of internet traffic will be comprised of videos and TechCrunch reports that users watch around 1 billion hours of YouTube videos.

This growing trend has not eluded marketers and they’re also starting to popularize their products and services by adding explainer videos to their websites and by posting them on well-known social media platforms.

Explainer videos are short animated videos that serve to illustrate a complex idea in less than 2 minutes by presenting potential customers with engaging and memorable visual content. 

This type of advertisement has become widely-used, as most companies find that it’s a great way of generating new leads and it increases conversion rates.

Another advantage is versatility. Explainer videos can easily be combined with already established methods of digital marketing to boost a company’s the bottom line.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is already a popular digital marketing tool as it offers a ROI (Return-On-Investment) of about 40x. That means you’ll get a return of $40 for every $1 you spend.

The messages can be tailored to different audiences and have been shown to offer a more personal and compelling customer experience.

Once you pair them with explainer videos, the effectiveness only increases. Research done by Forrester found that emails containing videos are twice to three times more likely to be checked. This results in more recipients ending up on your website where they can learn more about your company and what you have to offer. The traffic alone will improve your Google page-rank and get you higher online visibility. 

Social Media

Social media platforms put forward another excellent opportunity for you to showcase your explainer videos. Facebook alone has over 2 billion users and Instagram has reached one billion monthly users as of 2018. That’s 3 billion potential customers without counting Twitter, Snapchat or LinkedIn. With such a large audience you can be sure to find your target demographic among the daily netizens scrolling through their social media feeds.

YouTube is the most prominent platform for video content and has a user-base of 2 billion. If you don’t already have a popular channel, you can pay to have your videos shown as ads. They’ll be played to users that have searched for content linked to your products or services and you’re only charged if they watch at least 30 seconds.

Your Homepage  

Having an explainer video on your homepage makes your content more engaging and makes users more prone to spend time there. This also improves your website’s ranking.

The presence of an explainer video on your business website does not only help with our alarmingly decreasing attention spans, but it also adds legitimacy to your company. Guests associate a professional looking website with success and reliability. It shows you have the resources to invest in setting it up and you take enough interest to make such an effort.

Instead of asking potential clients to navigate through your site and read blocks of text in order to find the information they’re looking for (most won’t do it anyway) you can make a sell in 2-3 minutes right on the landing page by explaining why they should choose you over your competitors, the payment options and where they need to click if they’re interested. That’s what we call making money while you sleep.

On Your Company Blog

If you don’t already have a company blog you should really consider creating one. It allows you to build a more trusting relationship with your clients as you’ll be able to converse with them through comments and you’ll have a platform to show off your expertise.

Not only does a blog that contains explainer videos have a higher chance of moving up on Goggle’s search results but visitors are also more likely to share your link if they find that your content helps them figure out concepts they either couldn’t understand before or they had trouble explaining to others.   

Staff Training

Training employees through video content is not a new concept. Companies from all corners of the world use this format to give new hires a better understanding of their corporate culture. Big players like Intel and IBM have moved away from traditional face-to-face seminars and provide whole programs in video format.

The reason for this is that it’s more affordable, it can be tailored more easily and because e-learning has shown such high efficiency in knowledge acquisition.

According to them, employees tend to retain more information and, unlike an in-person presentation, they can review the content several times in case there’s anything they didn’t quite grasp.

Moreover, you can use explainer videos when there are any changes in business procedures. If you’re outsourcing your customer support services, you can make sure that changes are presented in the exact way you intended them, without any misunderstandings resulting from the information getting distorted along the way.

Sales Pitches

When meeting with other companies to either directly sell to them or to convince them to collaborate with you on a project, you or your employees might get nervous and not present yourselves and the advantages of a business relationship in the most convincing manner.

Playing one or several explainer videos during the meeting allows for a break to relax and you have the certainty that the sales pitch will be delivered in the most engaging way, regardless of how confident you feel at that precise moment.

Especially when meeting with investors, it can be quite challenging to deliver a presentation unlike anything they’ve seen before. Seeing them losing interest in what you have to say only serves to make you even more nervous and more likely to lose your train of though and start to stammer. An explainer video can contain all the statistics that you might have trouble remembering in front of an audience and will also show that you cared enough to invest resources into delivering your company’s details through something more sophisticated that a PowerPoint presentation.