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Health 376 views Aug 29, 2019
How to keep your feet healthy and free of pain

Bad foot health can cause problems in the entire body, which is why looking after your feet is essential. Many things can be done to keep the feet healthy and prevent problems. There is nothing more important than preventative foot care. Keep on reading to learn how to care for your feet and keep them in tip-top condition. With a little bit of time and effort, you can give your feet a fabulous makeover.


Avoid sharing footwear

It is tempting to share shoes with your partner, friend, child or anyone else in the family. Tempting as it may be, do not do it. Footwear is a thriving ground for different germs and microbes. You can get fungal infections just by wearing other people’s shoes. The point is that it is not safe to share shoes. Do not wear another person’s sandals or flip-flops. You can get athlete’s foot or, worse, a virus that causes acne-like whiteheads. To keep your feet healthy, always wear your own shoes.

Shoes are not sharable. A pair of sneakers or boots undergo a change after a period of use. This means that they change in response to the shape of the feet. If you wear someone else’s shoes, you will not feel comfortable. This is because the footwear has adapted to suit a specific pair of feet and it might not meet your needs. As you can see, there are disadvantages in terms of comfort. Do not borrow or lend shoes.  

Maintain a healthy weight

Think about shedding a few pounds. Obesity can have a negative effect on foot health. The extra weight that is placed on the feet makes it more difficult to stand or move around. Not only is there physical stress on the skin and bones, but also the extra weight can change foot structure and function. If you do not have a healthy weight, you risk developing arthritis and suffer from pain. Losing weight will result in a slimmer you and happy feet.

You do not have to be obese to experience problems. Even people who have just a couple of extra pounds can experience a change in posture. What happens is that the knees come closer and move the body weight to the insides of the feet. To maintain a healthy weight, you have to eat a high-protein breakfast, drink lots and lots of water, chew your food slowly, and stay away from fast-food. It is recommended to lose weight slowly. This way, you can keep the pounds off forever.

Wear wider fit shoes

The style of footwear plays an important role in your overall health. If you wear ill-fitting shoes, you are bound to deal with corns, calluses, and, most importantly, pain. Shoes like this weaken the feet, ankles, knees, not to mention your back. Wear wide fit shoes. The pair will last a lifetime and will give your feet the necessary space to breathe. You can find the perfect fit, whether you are looking for wider fitting sandals or boots in the latest styles. Sizing discrepancies exist between different brands, but you can order a pair of shoes that are just right for your feet.

It is important to understand that each person is unique and so are you. You must buy shoes that are extremely wide and deep. Footwear of this kind will boost your comfort and help you look stylish. In case you did not know, wide fitting shoes are available in all styles and colours. There are so many options to choose from that you will not know what to take home. Make sure that you need wide fit shoes. If you have recurring blisters or cannot get rid of bunions, you may need special footwear.

Wash your feet every day

You wash your feet as often as you can. However, is it enough? According to health professionals, it is necessary to wash our feet every day. Why? Because they sweat more than other parts of the body and can harbour odour-causing bacteria. There are so many microorganisms living on the feet that it is impossible to say which ones cause the stench. Wash your feet on a daily basis and prevent bacteria build-up.

Clean all the areas of the feet, in particular, the underside of the toes and between them. It is recommended to use mild soap. It is great if you have sensitive skin. What is more, mild soap softens the skin and does not take away is natural nutrients. Even if your feet do not look dirty, you should still wash them. If you keep your feet clean, you can prevent staph infections, athlete’s foot, and plantar warts. Make sure that a day does not go by without washing your feet.

Never walk barefoot

If you are like everyone else, you like going barefoot every once in a while. You like to feel the earth under your feet. You might want to be careful walking barefoot because the reward is not always worth the risk. You might injure yourself or contract a bacterial disease. You should never remove your shoes. Wear proper-fitting shoes and try to alternate between different pairs of shoes. Think twice about walking barefoot. It is not a good idea to let your feet be free.

If you want to practice walking barefoot, use pillows. You will have better control of your foot position and get relief from ill-fitting shoes. Do this exercise in your home. If you must. Start slow and practice walking on safe surfaces. In the end, make sure to examine your feet for injuries. Some activities can put a strain on the feet, which leads to injury. Anyway, you will want to ensure that everything is okay.

To sum up, think about your feet and take good care of them. Proper foot care can increase your quality of life, make you more productive, and increase your ability to be self-sufficient. Protect your feet and your health. Making small changes in your life will really make a difference.


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