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Family & Home 1,861 views Mar 25, 2019
Simple Tips to Keep Your House Less Cluttered

It doesn’t matter if you live in a studio, a small house or a suburb villa, clutter will always find a way to get through your door. Every time you take the courage to organize your house and find a place for every little item hanging around, you promise yourself this time you will be keeping everything in their designated spot. Yet, somehow, two weeks later, you keep finding make-up products on your coffee table and coffee mugs piling up on your desk and you have to start all over again. Keeping clutter out of your life can be hard, especially if you own a lot of items. The key to maintaining a clutter-free house is not constantly reorganizing your possessions, but rather possessing less. These simple tips will help you keep your house more organized and avoid losing precious hours of your free time cleaning up:


1 in, 1 out

This is probably the easiest way to make sure you won’t keep gathering unnecessary items in your house. Every time you buy one item, another similar one has to go. You can apply this rule for everything in your house, from clothes to kitchen utensils. This way, when you purchase something new, it won’t take up more space in your house. You don’t have to throw them in the garbage, you can just give them away or donate them. Every time you purchase a new book, find one to give away to a friend who might like it. Try to stick to the rule as much as you can, in case it’s not something of personal value. If you want to take things a bit further and purge, change the rule to 1 in, 2 out. The premise is the same, but you will have to let go of two items every time you purchase a new one. This works great if you plan to reduce the amount of thing you own. If you stick to the rule, you will end up thinking twice before you purchase anything and the items you do decide to bring into your house will have to really be worth it.


Don’t Keep Duplicates

This kind of completes the 1 in 1 out rule. Are you sure you need three bottle openers and two pairs of scissors? Sure, you might be thinking that by keeping a spare one, you will save yourself the struggle in case one breaks exactly when you need it, but that is not necessarily true if you invest in quality items. By owning fewer items, it will be easier to keep track of their state and replace them when they wear off. Next time you clean your house, gather all duplicates, keep the best one and get rid of the others. What’s the point in having 8 white pillowcases? Invest in two or three quality bed linen sets and change them every week. This little habit will help you take better care of the items you already own and make the most out of them.

Find a Home for Everything

Don’t keep stuff just laying around and make sure you have a place for everything you own. This way, you won’t end up with piles of magazines just scattered around the house. Group things by categories and keep them in the same place, in the room you will most likely be using them. This way, when you need something, you’ll know exactly where to find it. After you’re done using one particular item, simply put it back in its designated place. Avoid keeping things laying around on the floor by putting them away in drawers or boxes. To take things a bit further, buy nice various-sized storage boxes and use them both for storage and décor. Stack the boxes on top of each other to create a pillar, add a small plant on top and you got yourself a nice corner piece. Keep in mind that if you can’t find a place for one particular item, you might not be needing that item at all.


Keep a Designated Junk Box

If you still can’t convince yourself to throw something away, thinking you might be needing it sometimes later, put it away in a junk box. This way, if you really need it, you’ll know where to find it and if you don’t, it won’t end up getting in your way. When you do end up using the item, try to find a permanent place for it, based on when and why you needed to use it, by following the rule above. When the box is full, empty it and go through the items one more time, if you did not end up using them, donate everything. If you didn’t use the items at the bottom of your box by now, it’s most likely you won’t be using them from now on either.


Use the F.A.S.T. Rule

Memorize this acronym and use it every time you clean around the house. This will help you get things done faster than you expect:

Fix a time: If you live by yourself pick a day you know you will have enough time to do all the cleaning. If you share your place with other people, make sure you all agree on a day or a few hours when you can all get on board and do the deeds.

Anything not used in one year: If you did not use one particular thing in 12 months, it is most likely you will not be using it from now on either. Don’t find excuses for keeping that particular item and ask yourself if you really need it. If you want to give it one more chance, find a designated home for it or put it in the Junk Box. If it doesn’t pass that test either it’s time for it to go

Someone else’s stuff: It’s already bad enough that you have so much clutter, but it’s even worse if the items are not yours. Borrowed screwdrivers, books, pots or other items that don’t belong to you need to go. Call your friend whose dress you borrowed last month and ask if you can stop by to drop it off, she will be pleasantly surprised.

Trash: Throw away things you don’t need. Take a trash bag, go around the house and make a goal to fill it up. Junk mail, empty containers, everything has to go.

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