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Cool first date ideas that will help you start your relationshi

There are two types of first dates, the ones that offer you a good start for a relationship and the ones that end up being a total disaster. Have you ever asked why do people prefer to have their first date at a coffee shop? The reason behind the choice is simple; they have the possibility to end the date after 20 minutes if they do not like the personality or looks of the person. But the first coffee date scenario is no longer an option nowadays because before establishing a date people get to know each other online. More and more relationships start online, therefore they know how the other looks and they have time to understand if they like each other’s personality because they talk extensively before going on a date.

You need some alternative first date ideas to help you get out of your comfort zone when you meet your date for the first time.


First dates involving outdoor activities

An outdoor concert or movie

As long as the temperatures are comfortable enough to spend time outdoors, it is no reason not to choose an outdoor activity for your first date. From outdoor concerts to movies and theatre shows, there are countless options from which to choose. The great thing about this type of activities is that they are free; you afford to have them even if you are a student. If you are looking for events to take your date out you should check the local magazines and newsletters because they announce these activities ahead.

Theme park

If your date is the type of person who enjoys funny activities then you can take them to a theme park, these places are not only for teenagers. You can have a lot of fun in the roller coaster and you create the perfect opportunity for a handholding. Make sure to ask your date if they would like to go to a theme park because you do not want to end up forcing them to get in the roller coaster.

Explore nature

A long bike ride is always a perfect start for a couple that is trying to know each other better. If your date is the type of person, who loves being active then you can decide together what type of outdoor activity you can have. Go for a hike, climb an outdoor rock or hit the golf course. A first date in natural air is a great way to start a relationship.

First dates involving food and drink

A cooking class

If you are looking for something similar to going outdoors but you do not want to get involved in outdoor activities (if this makes sense) you can take your date to a cooking class. It is a great way to try to know a person you meet for the first time in person. This type of classes can be a little pricey but they definitely worth because they can help you establish a bond from the first date.

Pizza restaurant

Sitting down for a long meal may not sound like the ideal first date, but grabbing a pizza is a more suitable idea for a young couple.  If you want to have an exquisite pizza experience, you should book a table at a restaurant that offers traditional Italian pizza. To shake things up you should choose a restaurant that offers not only pizza but also other Italian dishes. If your date has never tasted Italian pizza this is the perfect opportunity to do some research and find a traditional restaurant. You will impress them with the delicious dishes they serve.

Breakfast instead of dinner

There is something romantic about fluffy pancakes topped with maple syrup and accompanied by fresh fruits. It is a great idea for your first date but if you do not synchronize your schedules to meet in the morning, you can have breakfast instead of dinner. It will be a relaxed and fun tone to start a relationship.

First dates involving inside adventures


If you both are passionate about music and you think you have talent, then a karaoke date sounds perfect. Karaoke helps you understand if you two have that connection that can serve as a base for a relationship. You will listen and sing on your favourite tunes and you will have a lot of fun. For a successful first date make sure you do not hit a club where the playlist contains only romantic ballads.


If you are the type of persons who are not romantic in the classic meaning of the word then this idea may be the right one. Bumper lanes, funny shoes, bar snacks and some competition, it sounds like romance for a modern couple. Sometimes when both persons are too shy, one of them to break the ice, a game is the perfect help they get. It allows you to have time to think about the topics of discussion you want to start and you can combine a funny activity with a quality conversation.

Billiard or board games

If you want to try another funny activity indoors, you can ask your date if they like board games. Often the persons who play board games have a starting point for conversations and they find easy to bond. Instead of going to a bar and sipping your drinks in silence, you can play some board games and find out which one of you is the most competitive one. Nowadays bars come with a pool, darts, shuffleboards, chessboards, video games, billiards, and board games. Practically it is an option for every person.  

A planetarium

If you have not explored the local museum or planetarium in ages, your first date is the perfect excuse to do it. It is a romantic activity to have with someone you have already established a connection. Make sure you check the exhibits of the museum to see one that interests you both because they tend to change them quite frequently. And if none of these activities interest you, you can come up with your own.