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Family & Home 3,002 views Feb 21, 2019
Fun Activities to Keep Your Toddler Entertained on Weekends

If your children are at the age when they start discovering the world, the “I’m bored” topic will come up quite a lot. Since they need to keep their minds and little hands busy all day long, you could suggest some ways to educate and entertain your moppets, at the same time. Below are some of the activities that development experts and mothers all around the world swear by.


Galaxy Playdough

Purchased or made by your crafty hands, playdough is a great way to keep toddlers entertained for hours. If you don’t want to buy play dough and let your child mix it with glitter, make your own dough. You can make your own play dough with flour, water, oil, food colouring and cream of tartar. There are plenty of easy-to-follow recipes online that will help you create organic playdough at home. Buy galaxy glitter and let your children mix it with playdough and have some fun while you supervise them, of course. Glitter and toddlers are not always a fortunate mix so make sure to keep an eye on them.

DIY Target Golf Toy

Invest in a toddler golf set and create your own golf course. Turn a large box upside down and cut out different size entrances for the balls. Slimmer entrances should have more points than wider ones do. Teach your toddler the idea behind the game and keep them occupied for weekends.

Play with Coloured Rice

Make your own sensory box with the help of some rice. You can find numerous instructions online and they don’t involve rubbing alcohol. To preserve your rice for longer, make sure to keep your coloured rice in an airtight container. Children will love submerging their hands under the colourful rice and truth be told, so will adults.

Have an Amazing Time With Fluffy Paint

With several simple ingredients, you can easily make your own fluffy paint. You will only need shaving cream, glue and food colouring they can use their fingers or paintbrushes, but they will definitely have a pleasant time and use their creativity quite a lot. This sort of activity will keep them busy at least half the day. To make your own batch of fluffy paint, you only have to mix equal parts of shaving cream and glue, until you’re happy with the consistency of your mixture. Split the mixture into several mixing bowls and add food colouring to each batch.

Have a Walk in Nature

A nature walk will help your toddler use all that energy that bottles up. This will involve a little more planning than other types of activities, but it will be worth it, in the end. Make sure that you pack for a picnic with foods and beverages that you toddler loves, for an easier time, overall. Give your moppet a fun activity to engage in. drawing plants and trees, walking around a pond (if you encounter one) and so on, will most definitely do the trick when it comes to keeping your child busy and entertained.

Take a Day Off and Take Your Toddler to Swimming Lessons

Toddler swimming lessons are a great way to promote good development in your child. If possible, you can keep your children entertained not only during the weekend with this sort of activity but multiple times a week. Even if your child isn’t old enough to walk, swimming is a great type of activity that will engage their small body into a completely new and interesting way.

As surprising as this might sound, swimming contributes to the creation of billions of new neural connections as your toddler kicks, glides and splashes the water. Besides, in toddlers, swimming has multiple other benefits:

  • Improves reading skills even at a young age.
  • Contributes to faster language development.
  • Improves spatial awareness.
  • Contributes to better academic results, in the long run.

Plus, toddler swimming lessons will accommodate your moppet with water and pools and will decrease the chances of drowning. Knowing how to swim is the best way to deter your children from drowning in your home swimming pool. This is one of the leading causes of death among children and these incidents mainly occur in bathtubs and home swimming pools.

Taking your child to toddler swimming lessons will keep them entertained and make them burn all that extra energy. They will fall asleep in an instant after a swimming lesson.

Have an Outdoor Cinema Night

During those warm summer nights, you can all have some fun with an outdoor cinema. If you don’t have a projector, hire one, serve some popcorn (to the adults) and let your toddlers have their favourite snacks. Candy floss makes a perfect choice for such occasions and you can always brew some ice tea for everybody. Your children will surely appreciate if you put on their favourite animation. Allow them to bring their play buddies over, to keep them entertained for hours.

Create a Colour Matching Game

Colour matching games are just perfect for toddlers. They are educational, but you will still need to introduce them to the game before letting them play on their own. Explain to them the whole idea behind the game and make sure to let them play independently afterwards. Place trays of different colours on the floor and purchase some balls in different colours, large enough for them to safely play with those. Let them place each ball on the corresponding tray. If you can’t find balls that are large enough for their age, smaller ones will do, but make sure that you supervise the process.

Shape Sorter

Another educational game that your children will love is a shape sorter. If you don’t have an appropriate game, make your own with a big box in which you cut different shapes. Then, ask them to it through the appropriate hole soft shapes. This will make things easier for your toddler, plus, it’s a highly entertaining game!

These are our top suggestions for fun activities that will keep your toddlers entertained and amused all weekend.