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Arts & Culture 2,111 views Feb 14, 2019
Music has the power to lift your spirits

If you will ask your friend, passionate about science, if music can influence your mood, then they will probably tell you that it is no proof that music helps you manage your emotions. But if you will read studies, you will notice that according to the songs you listen to, they can boost your happiness, enhance your endurance or even make you smarter. Everyone knows that music is powerful, and it can help you deal with your emotions, therefore, do not let people tell you anything else. And where you count that this type of therapy is free. Yes, it is not science, but there are researchers who check the therapeutic benefits of music, and how they change the moods. It is proven that even if you listen to sad songs, they will bring you comfort and pleasure. Depending on your state, music can help you enhance your feelings.

Studies show that people prefer to listen to sad songs when they are dealing with a negative experience, like the end of a relationship or an interpersonal loss. It is considered that music can be considered a substitute for the relationship their lost.

Music can make you feel happy

People have a certain song that helps them remember some happy memories, it is their favourite song, and they listen to it when they want to boost their mood. Some people prefer to watch their favourite movie when they want to lift their spirit, but if you are a music addict, you should turn on the music and for a couple of minutes you will forget the bad things that are happening in your life.

People use to associate songs to the most important moments from their life. Why they are doing it? Because we all are vibratory beings, every cell and atom in our body vibrates, even the universe vibrates, and music is one of the factors that create vibrations. We hear vibrations when we listen, and we generate vibrations when we speak. The planet also vibrates, but we cannot hear it, because it vibrates at a too low frequency, for the human ear to hear it.

It is no surprise that music can trigger feelings, it is connected with our brain’s chemistry. Our brain responds to the rhythm and sound of songs emotionally, physically and mentally. So, if you want to boost your happiness levels, you should notice how every song you listen to makes you feel, and make a compilation of songs that lift your spirits.

Music can help your mind focus better

Music can start your brain if you are willing to change the genre you are usually listening with something else. You should make time to explore a new genre of music from time to time, and to see if it is suitable to be added to your preferences. If you explore new songs, songs you would not usually listen to, you will engage a part of your brain, scientists state people are not usually using.

If you want to start your brain, and to enhance your mind’s functions, you should transform yourself into a music hunter. Sometimes, it all starts with a track, you hear a track, different from what you are usually listening to, and you can relate to it. The following step is to check the other songs from the same artist, or tracks part of the same genre; you may discover a new style you can relate to.

Often people state that they have special playlists they are listening to when they are at the office, because some songs help them improve their productivity, come up with new ideas and enhance their focusing skills. If you need inspirational music you can find it on professional websites. There are online resources that gather songs and put them together according to the feelings and states they generate.

Music makes the grieving stage easier

Some people have difficulties expressing their feelings, when they are experiencing a negative state. If you have lost someone, you may not be able to cry, and to grieve properly to let them go. Sad music has an important role in the grieving process, because it helps you let tears out and you can understand the intensity of your sadness. Music functions similarly to the moments when you need a boost to work out; it will support your grief. You should not hold your feelings inside, it is better to let them out and to feel them at their highest intensity. It is the best way to help you recover, and to feel better.

Music can grow positive feelings

You already know that some songs have the power to reach into your heart. If you associate some songs with a person, you are in love with, every time when you will hear that particular song your heart will grow. Studies show that music can grow your positive feelings because it generates dopamine, but we want to keep the things simple in this article, therefore, we will ask you to remember the times when you first heard a song, and it made you feel shivers down your spine. Specialists state that these tremors bring you benefits, because they can help you boost your positive feelings.

Music motivates you to work harder

There is a reason you hear music at the gym. It has the power to improve your endurance and to motivate you to work out more effectively. If you are a runner, you will be able to add an extra mile to your workout, if the right song hits the jam, when you are nearly the end of the training. If you complete your workout routine with music, you will use that part of you that keeps you persistent active, and it will help you push further, even when you will feel that you lack the energy to do it. A single song can energize your motivation and can help you work out with less effort, than you would do, if you would not listen to music.

Music touches every person in a different way; you need to discover what feelings it generates to you.


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