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Technology 2,135 views Jan 21, 2019
Solid reasons to invest in a retail store app and how to choose

Every business owner dream about increasing the business’s sales, reinforce the client base and strengthen customer loyalty, and give a boost to the brand of their company in order to have a rapid growth on the market and achieve success. All those aspects which lead to the success of the business can be achieved by investing in an amazing mobile app. In today’s world, when we can all recognize the rise of e-commerce and frequent use of the internet and mobile apps on a daily basis for the most basic tasks, creating a mobile e-commerce app for your retail store has numerous great reasons if you wish to be among the entrepreneurs who are taking over the market and gain worldwide fame. Read below the most important advantages which you will get from investing in a retail store app and how to choose the right team to help you do it.

Customer loyalty boost

Any entrepreneur should know that the most important key to the success of their business is the customers. Without customers who purchase services or products, their business cannot function. Which is why building strong customer loyalty should be your top priority for a successful business. The main advantage which you can get from investing in a retail store app is the fact that it will help you to constantly remain in contact with your customers in an easier and more effective way. Numerous studies have shown that customers prefer mobile apps over websites due to the fact that purchasing items using mobile apps is a lot more convenient than using a website. People who will download your retail store app will show more interest and investment in purchasing your products. First of all, customers prefer mobile apps over websites due to the fact that there is no need for them to remember an URL to access your website and login details. Mobile apps allow the customers to remain logged in all the time and so it increases the chances for them to use the app to see your latest deals, newest products, and make purchases. Also, a mobile app for your retail store is a great marketing strategy which will help you to make sure that you always stay in the mind of your customers and engage them in your business to purchase your products. By having of a well-developed mobile app, customer loyalty can be increased and strengthened with the help of features such as push notifications which notify your customers about your sales and special offers or to let them know when a specific product for which they have shown interest in is back in stock. Another way to increase customer loyalty with the help of a mobile app is personalization due to the fact that you can improve the experience of each your client by allowing them to customize their priorities and preferences in your app based on previous purchases.    

Increased sales

Strong customer loyalty and increased sales work hand in hand for any business. When you maintain a great contact with your customers and continuously engage them in your business, your sales definitely go up and so is your profit. By offering them relevant information through push notifications such as amazing deals or new products and creating a more efficient and less complicated purchasing process, you create the right context for them to purchase more of your products or services. Also, a well-developed retail store mobile app which has the feature for giving feedback is not only a great way to make your customers feel appreciated since their opinion is requested and valued, but it also helps you to see how the experience of your customers with your business is going to know what you should improve or keep doing in the same way as before which will create a better customer experience for the clients who purchase your products or services.  Moreover, a mobile app which has an included payment system is also going to be one of the aspects which are going to help you increase your sales due to the fact that customers no longer have to wait a lot of time in lines to pay for your products since they can do it by using your app in the comfort of their own homes. One of the biggest problems which e-commerce has to deal with and you can resolve with a mobile app is the shopping cart abandonment.  A lower shopping cart abandonment rate is another way to increase your sales with the help of a retail store mobile app due to the fact that the shipping and payment information is stored within the system.

Lower costs

Creating a powerful marketing strategy in order to increase your sales and retain and boost your customer loyalty definitely costs you a lot of money if you consider both offline and online strategies. However, a retail store mobile app can do magic for the success of your business and your costs to engage your customers in your business and make them purchase your products are definitely going to be lower.

How to choose your team?

Creating a strong software development team to create your retail store mobile app is extremely important in order to develop an app which will help you achieve all the advantages mentioned above. There are four major components of an effective development team such as product manager, designer, developer, and project manager. When choosing your team, you need to make sure that you select candidates who have great technical backgrounds, well-developed soft skills in order to be able to work together as a team, and other personal strengths which are also known as “rebel talent” such as initiative, creativity, and innovative style of work. forming a strong software development team with people who have all the advantages to help you develop an amazing mobile app is extremely important as it can also bring you a great advantage in front of your competitors from the same niche.