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Family & Home 883 views Sep 25, 2018
How attic insulation can impact the year-round home comfort

Whether you want it or not, your attic and roof have to be insulated. If you have not dealt with it yet or want to know how well you have it, read this article. Here, you can find out what steps and materials are required for insulation, along with the budget you should prepare in case you want to hire a company. Steam, atmospheric precipitation, and noise are the biggest enemies of a comfortable ambiance at home. It would be recommended to consider insulation immediately after moving into a house. The vapors from the atmosphere go in and out of the walls through the special ventilation systems that are usually foreseen in a construction. The lack of this ventilation system combined with poor insulation leads to cold times during winter and hot times during summer, which is the exact result you are trying to avoid. This is an informative article that will help you improve your home’s year-round comfort:

Why should you opt for attic insulation?

It is necessary to isolate your attic against internal or external factors, to avoid a major loss of heat and, last but not least, to reduce the noise coming from outside. On the other hand, a humid atmosphere in the attic leads to the destruction of the wooden structure, thus the building becomes weaker overall. This puts you at huge risk, especially if you tend to use your attic for storage.

It’s good to know that thermo-insulating materials, which include small channels or air intakes, are useful in regard to noise pollution. The airborne sound will be damped when going through the labyrinths of the panels, and your house will become quieter. The main reason why people opt for attic insulation has to do with lowering the bills at the end of the month. Upgrading your house’s energy efficiency can be done through insulation. Keep in mind that an uninsulated attic is responsible for more than 30% of warm air loss during winter, which leads to higher costs on the electricity bill.

Steps you will need to follow

Here are the steps that you will want to follow to prepare the attic for insulation and have it ready on time for winter:

  • Empty your attic completely

This might be the messiest part of the process. You’ll have to empty your attic, which is pretty troubling for people who are storing all of their old belongings in the attic. This step cannot be skipped, so prepare your garage to be the temporary host of the things you store in your attic. Considering that you are engaging in this step, you can also declutter your attic and through the unnecessary items that have no use in your life any longer. Moreover, storing a lot of items in the attic may affect the air circulation, and this is the reason why it’s best to keep it airy and neat.

  • Choose between different materials

Insulation can be done with all sorts of materials, depending on the size of your attic and how much money you want to spend on it. The most popular material for insulating attics is represented by mineral wool. It is also the cheapest solution at the moment and it can be found in all profile stores. You can choose between thicker-layer mineral wool, a combination between mineral wool and aluminum foil and many other types of materials. Thermal insulating materials come in a variety of types, densities, and prices. Don’t forget to measure the necessary amount of materials carefully. If you hire a company to handle your attic insulation, the team will deal with all the steps that need to be followed in this sense.

  • Check the state of your house’s roof

In some cases, when insulation is required for the attic, the roof might need some improvements as well. Considering that attic insulation covers the roof’s interior insulation as well, it’s paramount to check the state of the roof carefully. Repairing any area of the roof that has been somehow affected by external factors is an absolute must. Water should not penetrate the roof in any way. Preparing the roof using waterproofing foil on the inside is a step you don’t want to skip, especially if the roof was not recently upgraded. Pay more attention to the area around the air vents and windows, if you have any in your attic. This is where air and water slip easily.

  • Insulating the attic’s flooring

The last part of the attic insulation process is represented by insulating the flooring. This is the step that helps to reduce the heat loss inside the house tremendously. By thoroughly insulating the attic’s flooring, you will reduce energy costs. Keep in mind that you need to use different insulation materials if you want to use your attic as an actual room in your house. For storage only, any type of fibrous material that works with thermal insulation should do just fine.

Budget and finances

You may think that this whole improvement will make you reach bankruptcy. Worry not. If you choose to do your attic insulation by yourself, it might take a while to complete the project and you’ll have to do the shopping for materials on your own, which may mean higher costs. On the other hand, if the whole attic insulation process is handled by a company, the costs are reduced and you save a considerable period of time. If you are in a hurry and winter is just around the corner, choose insulation companies.

For such an upgrade, you might want to save some money before. If you are not planning to insulate the whole house, it shouldn’t be that pricy. For the attic only, the investment is actually affordable, so don’t stress it too much. Depending on the materials you choose and the size of your attic, you can reduce the costs drastically. An insulation professional is the only one who can tell you exactly what costs are involved for such an upgrade. Go ahead and ask for additional information.

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