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Arts & Culture 225 views Jul 10, 2018
How does your guild embody TERA's 6th Anniversary?

What better guild than one that had been created inside month of May?   Buy Tera Items was originally created in May of 2015 for guild bank rights, and has now now developed into a much larger virtual gaming family. We’re one in the oldest, or even the oldest, and many highly active guild on Celestial Hills server. We are an amicable, respectful, and fun-loving lot of friends that wish to run end-game dungeons, display our fancy costumes, and take part in guild holiday events. Pixar is becoming something more than only daily party runs. Many of us in Pixar have actually met in the real world and formed real relationships collectively. One of our own GMs, Gala, even got married!

We strive for being one from the best PvE guilds on CH. Our main priority is having a guild that's more like a family along with a group of friends than an LFG or elitist guild. We also love representing our server, CH. Pixar will not be limited to TERA. Our guild can be a community. We have friends who join us for events we host both in and out of of TERA, like hide and seek, movie nights, game nights (playing various games, including TERA among others).

We avoid drama, whenever someone tries to get started on with us we merely ignore them or reply in the nice manner. It's one with the Tera Gold guild rules not to ever bully or why not be BM with other people, inside or outside the guild.