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Business 212 views Jul 09, 2018
Early Autumn Aesthetics, Chiffon Leaves

Comfortable autumn is originating, put within the most beautiful clothes and dance with Tera PC Items autumn leaves! Female character defines the brand new fashion "Lotus Chiffon Spruce"! Elegant color, playful skirt fold, brings out the unique leisurely atmosphere of autumn! There are three forms of lotus leaf chiffon trees, including vibrant emerald chiffon, imposing pale pink chiffon, and dignified ceremonial dress styles. Such an excellent interpretation is merely available throughout the limited period. Please Heart-behind adventurers, please take advantage with this collection of good opportunities!

"TERA" will be 365 day after the transfer of agency rights on the "Happy Games Platform." Thanks for the continuous support and encouragement on the risk-takers, the operating team is predicted to arrange a wonderful and happy celebration on the first anniversary on the Tera Gold in Q4 2016. We would like to welcome game-loving adventurers to participate in us!