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Business 204 views Jun 29, 2018
Guardian Queen "The Mandala Defensive Battle" instantly begins

Closers Credits " as a strong boss of the plains, this time finally ushered in her holiday, but in this quiet time full of leisure, there are some unsophisticated beasts came to stir, in order to maintain the Queen's vacation The quality of the agents at this moment has transformed into a flower ambassador for "Iraven."
In the copy of the Mandala Defensive War, any of the special skills and attack methods of the agents could not cause great harm to the beast. They must use the functions of "general Datura seed," "daturant Datura seed," and "steel mandala seed." The seeds are planted with a defense-friendly "Dandelion Beast" to guard the "Love Winna," and in the face of different enemy offensives, planting the right Datura plants will be the key to a winning victory. After the copy is cleared, the player will be able to obtain corresponding copy items and redeem "seedling pots", "butterfly collars", etc. full of natural flavors ... and many lovely ornaments. In addition, the out-of-fashion fashion "Kindergarten Package" can also be obtained through redemption, allowing players to Buy Closers Credits get accessories and fashion in full with this copy, adding a bit of different look to their favorite characters.