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Business 212 views Jun 26, 2018
Bloodthirsty evil woman rebirth

Coming soon into Tera PS4 Items the spring, it was supposed to be a warm spring season where all flowers bloom, but the ruins of La Canris did not see any vitality. Everything seemed to be buried in hatred by the hatred of the murderous, floating in the murderous atmosphere, the Lost Priest Lacanris was working on Waiting for the player to sacrifice as a sacrifice, offering blood and body, and dyeing red earth with blood, to satisfy his desire for slaughter, who can stop this blood-loving evil lady from regenerating?
This revision will simultaneously open the upper and lower ruins of Lacanris to meet the player's desire for challenge. Players with equipment rating up to 446 and 439 can apply for a match through the team and enter a copy; in response to the challenge upgrade, an additional bonus will be added to the “Soul Wall”. Shards can open up to 20 Emeralds, the horn of war warns, Buy Tera Gold PS4 players are ready to fight!

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