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Arts & Culture 397 views Jun 25, 2018
Developer NADDIC GAMES Visits Taiwan to Celebrate Anniversary w

In addition to the second season finals of Closers Credits the 3V3 Wheel Kings Finals, it was also the player's first year of the "Broken Seal: CLOSERS" game. Officials thanked the players for their support and offered many day-limited benefits. There is a limited sale of peripheral goods, value-added toys, and the player COSPLAY is also invited to become a character in the game with the live players. In addition, the official also invited the famous host Neil and Ariel as captains and players to launch PK tournaments.

NADDIC GAMES's game mastermind is very grateful to the players who came to support the "Sealer: CLOSERS" onsite, and is even more amazed at the COSER's high degree of reluctance to play the game with Cheap Closers Credits and the peculiar operations of Taiwanese players on PVP. As a live player 1V1 Battle Awards.