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Arts & Culture 263 views May 31, 2018
How a Silicon Valley teen made thousands hacking a incredibly p

High on top of the quiet MapleStory 2 Mesos , two school seniors scrambled beyond an SUV and to the cold night air from the Santa Cruz mountains. The view below them, studded with city lights, was gorgeous, nevertheless they weren't here to smoke a joint and take it all in. Thousands of dollars were at risk. Justin Liu, a wiry Asian 18-year-old, with the exceptional friend Aurash Jalalian planned to break into MapleStory, a huge multiplayer adventure. Using a method that might crash one from the game's servers, they planned to scan expensive virtual items, many of which can go for $200 if not more on online black markets.

If everything went well, they can make thousands overnight.The two trampled in the Liu family house, a three-story fortress leaning in the mountainside. They ran from the basement or higher a flight of dark stairs in to a messy bedroom, crowded by way of a king-sized bed. They tossed Multivariable Calculus textbooks haphazardly in the grass and tore laptops beyond backpacks. Frantically typing over Skype, Liu reached over to his online friends from worldwide. Soon enough, they needed for the complicated duplication process have been assembled. This team, an unruly band of hackers from the game's secret hacking community, is one of many such groups who have long plagued a corporation's most successful and incredibly well-liked game—and this company Nexon has sued from Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos the past to punish hackers.