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Arts & Culture 216 views May 30, 2018
Console Launch Day Arrives Complete with New Trailer

En Masse Entertainment is celebrating today's Tera Items console launch with an all new trailer. PlayStation 4 and XBox One players may start their journeys currently in what the developers call the "definitive MMO experience".

TERA’s customized console controls such as a streamlined interface, intelligent button mapping and new gameplay systems. The fast-paced combat, skill-based aiming and positioning, and furious combos produce a visceral experience that work well perfectly on consoles. With a character type to fit nearly every play style and innumerable customization options, TERA gives all sorts of player a character, story, and experience that may be truly their very own. Players can quest alone, bring their friends, make new allies and accept challenges the size of the world of Tera Gold as well as the Big Ass Monsters that reside in it.

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