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Business 204 views May 17, 2018
Claw & Order is really a New Interactive Murder Mystery Running

The Tera Gold team features a new sleuthing adventure called Claw & Order (a clear poke for the long-running US television series)  for players and fans with what it's calling "an interactive murder mystery" that begins today and runs through May 24th. During  the wedding, players will love "an intriguing, original storyline occur the world of TERA, on the net and free around  the world". The plan is always to have new content and clues added every day throughout the big event.

Follow the clues online, and share your theories about the killer’s identity within the channel in the official En  Masse Entertainment Discord server, or wherever you talk TERA online!

To make things more fun, EME employees will likely be monitoring the discord discussions closely, sharing secrets and mulling  over clues with Tera Items players during this special community event.

Tags: #Tera Gold