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Business 300 views May 16, 2018
Gameforge Announces EU Server Merges Coming

Gameforge has announced that Tera Gold server merges are incoming at the start of May. Servers will likely be merged depending on the use of the identical language. When complete, there is going to be four remaining servers, one each in English, German and French and another international PvP server.

    In the long term, this will likely mean you will get lots of new players to make guilds with, do business with, face challenges together, or compete against!

    As area of the server merge, servers of the identical language is going to be combined. We will integrate the newer servers in to the older servers of the language.

    The following server merges are planned:

        1 PvE server (EN): Sikander will likely be added to MYSTEL
        1 PvE server (DE): Saleron is going to be added to YURIAN
        1 PvE server (FR): Amarun are going to be added to SEREN
        1 international PvP server (EN): KILLIAN will remain

Check out your Tera Items for more info and to begin to see the server merge FAQ if it's published.

Tags: #Tera Gold