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Business 259 views Oct 08, 2018
NFL Head Coach: The Dozier Report, part 2

NFL Head Coach is EA Sports' first attempt by having an Madden Overdrive Coins sports-management simulation. Unlike the Championship Managers from your world,  however, Head Coach isn't a completely text-driven affair; during game time or practices, a good example is, you'll watch the plays you call  throughout the field unfold when using the the standard Madden NFL engine.

In  part considered considered one of our Head Coach journal, our fictional coach Vick Dozier landed his dream job with all the Chicago Bears and took  his team inside the lows of firing staff members on the highs of having a pretty decent NFL draft. In part two, coach Dozier takes the  c's she has assembled through training camp, the preseason, and towards the regular season. Give it to us, Dozier! 

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