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Business 237 views Sep 19, 2018
MapleStory 2 official launch is October 10, but Mushking Royal

The cat no longer has enough the bag, as Nexon kept its promise of announcing MapleStory 2's official launch date today. The highly anticipated MapleStory 2 Mesos for sale are going to be officially released starting October 10, 2018, however, if you want to begin playing on October 1 - the usual jump start - you will need to purchase a Founder's Pack from your three available offers.

However, everyone will likely be able to play MapleStory 2 before October 10, as the standalone Battle Royale mode Mushking Royale will open today, August 22, 2018 until October 1, 2018. This is portion of the Pre-Season each player will probably be able to login and produce a character that are going to be carried into MapleStory 2's official release. As with the main MapleStory 2 game, it can launch with all the new Runeblade class and 12 new dungeons.

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