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Family & Home 169 views Aug 09, 2018
How To Pack Shoes For Self Storage Or Moving House

Find out how to pack shoes for moving house or self storage so they remain undamaged and in great condition until you need access to them again.

Some people only have one or two pairs of shoes, some people have hundreds. If you have hundreds of pairs of shoes, or even just 20 or more pairs, you may well find that you need to take special care packing them up for moving house, or for self storage. This is particularly true of expensive or designer shoes, which you really do want to protect so that they maintain their value.

How To Pack Your Shoes


The key to protecting shoes when packing them away is to use lots of protective padding. It is a great idea to use thick boxes that protect the contents, and then padding to keep the shoes shape. You'll place this padding inside the shoe to ensure it stays in the right shape and doesn't bend in on itself and crease. You can use almost anything to pad the space out, but do take care to watch anything with a print on that could leak its colours into your shoe.

Padding around the shoe can be clean and dry towels, bubble wrap or even old clothes that you plan to get rid of. Anything to keep the shoes packed in and protected will work.


It is a great idea to place the heaviest shoes on the bottom of the box and the lightest shoes on the top. This stops any crushing happening, and helps to ensure the box is balanced well, avoiding it toppling or breaking in the weakest places.

Shoe Preparation

It is important to prepare shoes properly so that they store well. Packing them with mud or dirt on, could lead to the materials degrading. You also don't want to get your shoes out of storage to wear, or out of your box to wear at home, only to find that the shoes are dirty and not ready for wear. Just a simple wet wipe down till help to clean the shoes, and perhaps a full machine wash for trainers that need a bit of extra help.

Keeping It Dry

Of all the things that you can do to ensure your shoes are protected when you pack them, ensuring they are dry is the most important thing. Moisture anywhere near or on your shoes when you pack them could result in all kinds of things you don't want to happen including: 

  • Mould
  • Material rotting
  • Staining

Any packing materials you use, and any shoes you pack for moving house or self storage (see need to be completely dry to ensure moisture doesn't wreak havoc on your precious footwear.

Packing your shoes may seem like an easy task, but it can be tricky to get right sometimes, especially with expensive shoes that really can't come to any harm. Take your time, look up any specific care instructions for designer shoes, and label the boxes clearly so they don't get thrown around and crushed under heavier boxes. With care and patience when you pack, you will keep the whole collection in amazing condition until the next time you need access to any of your beloved shoes.