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Family & Home 226 views Jul 13, 2018
Is Artificial Grass the Best Option For Your Garden?

Find out how artificial lawns work, how they could look in your garden and the potential pitfalls of having an artificial lawn in your outdoor space.

Artificial lawns are having a bit of a moment when it comes to home decor trends. But that doesn't mean every home will suit this kind of garden addition. The convenience of an artificial lawn could also be perfect for some homes. Whether or not they are a good option for you, is down to a lot of factors, but the very first step in making that decision is understanding the facts around this kind of large garden decor change.

What Is An Artificial Lawn?

An artificial lawn sits in place of a real lawn and can be made from all kinds of different materials which are usually some sort of plastic. Artificial lawns are not biodegradable and they can cover a very small section of your garden, or they can cover lots of ground, as with artificial grass golf courses.

Why Consider An Artificial Lawn?

Many people choose an artificial lawn instead of real grass or an area with slate effect floor tiles or stone slabs because it looks visually green and attractive, but there is minimal maintenance. In summer you can have to cut grass once a week or more which is a lot of work some people would like to avoid.


There are lots of pros to having an artificial lawn including:

  • Easy maintenance because you avoid having to mow the grass or strim it.
  • It always stays the same colour, consistency and length so no unexpected bald patches or yellowing.
  • Excellent for gardens where grass areas are tricky to mow, like a sloped area.
  • Safe and soft for all the family, without ant hills or thistles.
  • No waterlogged, muddiness to contend with.


There are lots of downsides to having artificial grass which are important to be aware of before you make a purchase.

  • Artificial grass is made from plastic which is a blight on the environment. It is also taking away from the organic environment birds and other animals rely on to thrive.
  • Artificial grass can get hot in summer so you don't get that refreshing feeling of sitting on fresh grass.
  • Artificial lawns can be expensive to install compared to turf lawns.
  • Artificial lawns do look realistic but you can still tell they aren't real.
  • You can never really replace the lush, natural feel of a real lawn or how it looks because it is completely organic.

Is An Artificial Lawn Right For You?

Because of the cost, the environmental impact and the other pitfalls to having an artificial lawn, you likely have to really hate mowing in order to have one. They do suit some people and some gardens though and could be a great alternative to turf. If you are wanting something low maintenance but beautiful, perhaps stone slabs, garden slate effect floor tiles or decking could be a good alternative, with easily contained pot plants bringing colour and life to the space instead.