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Family & Home 195 views Jul 13, 2018
Think About These 5 Things Before You Renovate Your Bathroom

Read about these important things to consider before you spend money on a bathroom renovation, so that the outcome is as professional and beautiful as possible.

Getting a new bathroom fitted is eventually a really amazing change to the home. As a family, you spend time putting makeup on, shaving, washing, bathing and relaxing in this one room so, it makes a big difference when it is all new and beautiful. However, before you begin the process of refitting your bathroom, there are lots of things to consider so that you get the best possible results. Take a look at these 5 considerations before you get started on your latest home renovation project:

1. Wait For Price Reductions

Just like clothes or decor accessories, trends will come and go and stock will be replaced. If you do not need an urgent bathroom refit, choose the toilet, shower, bath and non slip floor tiles for your bathroom and then keep an eye on them. You are looking for reductions in delivery costs, promotions over bank holidays and end of season sales. You could get over 50% off so it is totally worth giving it a wait and hanging in there.

2. Is There Anything You Can Keep?

You might want to rip everything out and start fresh but that will end up costing extra money. Take a look at the bathroom and think carefully about all of the different parts, including the fixtures. Any parts that are perfectly intact and that will go with your new bathroom could stay in place and save you money for other features.

3. Get Your Measurements Right

It wastes a lot of time and money to get the measurements of items wrong, especially if you're getting one off end of line items. Measure twice, or even three times if you need to so you have the exact numbers you need. You can't check the details too many times.

4. Consider A Professional Doing The Job

Sometimes, it is better to admit defeat and let a professional do the job. If you aren't entirely confident of your abilities, you are short on time, or you just want the ease of a professional doing the job, then get some quotes. A good bathroom fitting company will give you a fair quote and they should also give you lots of different options for products like white porcelain tiles, sanitary ware and fixtures if you aren't supplying them yourself.

5. Keep A Record

Get photos of the bathroom underneath (valves etc). This will help you with any future plans for renovation and it helps if there are any issues after your fitting.

As long as the refit isn't urgent, you can afford to take your time and enjoy the process of getting the best deal and creating the most efficient renovation plan.

By thinking carefully about these five points, and by taking your time and being patient in general, you are much more likely to get the best possible outcome during your bathroom refit.


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