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Family & Home 205 views Jul 13, 2018
How To Integrate Scent Into Your Home Decor

Find out how to utilise scent in your home to create a much more personal, beautiful decor style in every room.

When decorating the home, most of us focus on textures and the visual components. Paint, large floor tiles, furniture, accessories, they all combine to make a room look lovely, and work well practically. However, we often forget that other senses come into play when it comes to making a home feel personal and lovely to spend time in. The sense of smell, in particular, can be very powerful when it comes to decorating a home, and it can completely change the way a room feels. With this in mind, we have 5 great tips for you to get started playing with scents to enhance your home decor:

1. Focus On Your Home Entrance

What you smell when you enter your home, and what guests smell, will set the scene for your entire house. Use a fresh and light home fragrance to spritz before guests arrive, and consider popping a diffuser in your hall so it always smells lovely.

2. Integrate Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers always look beautiful and bring life into the decor of a home. If you choose scented flowers such as lilies, hyacinth and freesia they will look great and bring a gorgeous scent into the room you have placed them.

3. Get Herbal

Kitchen herb gardens are totally on trend, but they will always be a useful addition to your home because they provide fresh product to add flavour and flair to your cooking. Herbs also smell beautiful and even if you don't have the full plants in your home, adding some to garden bouquets for your house will add some fresh and botanical scent.

4. Use Different Scents for Different Rooms

Different scents make us feel different and which scents trigger different emotions for us personally will always be different because of life experience. However, certain scent types match different rooms. Fresh and awakening scents work well for the kitchen, more relaxing and comforting scents work well for the living room or bedroom.

5. Experiment with Scent

To make your scent decor personal you will need to try different scents to see how you feel about them. Start by picking items like candles, diffusers and flowers with a smell that appeals to you, and try them in different areas of the home. Some scented candles on the fireplace wood effect porcelain tiles, a diffuser on the kitchen window ledge, a herbal bouquet in the hall: play with scent in different parts of the home and see how they make you feel. When they start to trigger positive emotions and make you feel like you're 'home' then you're getting your scent decor right.

Play with different types of scent and where you place the products, and have fun with the process of experimentation.

Using scent in the home is a really easy and enjoyable way to create an extra decor element that is personal to you.