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Family & Home 185 views Jul 13, 2018
How to Choose the Right Patio Doors to Your Home

Find out which patio doors are the best options for your home, to create seamless access to your outside space.

Summer makes us all conscious of our access to our outdoor space. Pot plants, matching indoor and outdoor large floor tiles and open plan spacial design all contribute to us feeling more connected to our garden. However, there is one big change you can make to your home so that you have quick and easy visual and physical access to your garden. That big change, is patio doors. But which patio doors are right for your home? There are so many to choose from, it can be quite daunting choosing a set that will suit your decor and style. If you want a little head start in your quest for the perfect set of patio doors for your home, read these great tips and you'll have a gorgeous home to garden addition to your property in no time:

Keep It Consistent

It is aesthetic suicide to add doors that do not match your windows or other doors. Match the style at least, and if there is a glass pattern, you might want to match that as well, although that isn't as important.

Keep It Eco-Friendly

The glass should all be up to EU standards when it comes to being eco-friendly. This is important for your home comfort too, as large glass doors like patio doors can let out a lot of heat if the glass is not properly thermal. Thin safety and use non slip tiles.

Keep It Professional

It is so important that you consult a professional about the door fitting, especially if you don't have the doors fitted yet and only have the raw wall. You'll be affecting the structure of the home, and a large part of how it looks and functions. Patio doors isn't a part of renovation you should be looking to cut corners with.

Keep It Practical

You can get all kinds of patio doors and it is important to choose a type that suits your lifestyle. Sliding doors tend to work for everyone but you might want one you can lock open, as the sliding mechanism can be a concern to parents of children tall enough to operate the door. You may also want minimal glass or cleaning if you have a busy family life.

Keep It In Budget

Patio doors are in investment so they will never really be cheap. However, you can set a budget for your doors so that you aren't swayed by sales tactics or doors that will put you into debt. Remember to account for fitting and any extras. You may want to get a few companies round to give you quotes and some catalogues so that you have a more realistic idea of your options. If you have to remove the wall and start from scratch there could be extra costs for structural changes and working around building problems that crop up.

Remember, getting patio doors is a really great investment and as long as you plan well, research well and choose your patio door company well, you'll have an amazing addition to your home decor to enjoy for years to come.





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