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Family & Home 224 views Jul 11, 2018
How to Make the Perfect Study Space

Read tips and tricks on taking a space in your home and turning it into an ideal place to relax and study when exam time comes along.


Whether you are studying at university, you have a big exam coming up or you're sorting out a big work presentation, having somewhere quiet and minimalist to focus on your task is so important. It may seem like a huge task if your house is already set up where every space seems 'allocated', but you can easily set something up over a weekend or even in one evening depending on how prepared the space already is. Follow these steps to get the perfect study set up in your home:

Pick a Location

Choose somewhere quiet, somewhere where there is space for a desk and where you have ventilation and both natural and artificial light. It could be in your summer house, your spare room, even in the corner of your living room. As long as it provides you with a quiet area to study, it can be wherever you choose.

Declutter the Space

You need to move the items currently in the space you want to use to study. You may wish to simply move them into another area of the home, to place them in your self-storage unit, or to completely declutter and sell them or give them to charity. Try to make enough space for a desk and chair so that you have the desk to dedicate to study materials.

Decorate the Space

An inviting study space is much more likely to get you to concentrate and to study in the first place than somewhere cluttered and uninspiring. Think neutral, minimalist and fresh. You don't want anything too distracting so you can focus on the task in hand. Comfort is another important focus so that you feel able to stay in the space for long periods of time.

Add Smart Furniture

You'll want to add smart furniture to the space so it is as efficient as possible, especially if it is part of the rest of a room like the living room. Perhaps you have some suitable furniture in your self-storage unit you could use. Alternatively visit space and storage efficient shops for furniture that makes the most of the space you are using.

Add Something Personal

Add some plants, pictures or other personal touches that make the space special to you. You could add a beanbag or blankets to turn it into a reading and relaxation space if you enjoy spending time there, which works very well if you've been using a spare room as it utilises the space further.

Plan to Make Your Study Space This Weekend

If you know you need a study space but you've been putting off setting it up, make this weekend the time that you spend making the perfect space to concentrate and get things done. With a little decluttering and careful furniture placement, you'll be studying hard in your new study space in no time.