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Family & Home 181 views Jul 11, 2018
An Easy Introduction to Kitchen Worktops

Find out about kitchen worktops and what you need to be looking out for to ensure your kitchen is as functional and beautiful as possible.

Worktops in a kitchen get a lot of use. Just think about how scraped, banged, leaned on and generally abused they get on a daily basis: they really are the workhorse of the heart of the home - the kitchen. They also take up a lot of space, so visually they have a big impact on how a kitchen looks. Because they are so important, it is a good idea to give a lot of thought and consideration to your kitchen worktops before you choose them. Take a look at these questions to help you get the best worktops for the heart of your home:

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Kitchen worktops can be really cheap, really expensive and everything in between. Laminates tend to be the most cost effective choices, whereas complete granite slabs are pricey. When you think about how much you want to spend, think about longevity and durability. Cheaper worktops could be false economy, and it might pay to invest in more durable worktop materials. You can always mix and match your materials as well if you want to. Using white porcelain tiles in some places, more durable stone slabs in other places: you can create a beautiful look combining materials.

Do You Want To Fit It?

If you are fitting the kitchen and you are inexperienced you may wish to use materials that are less costly to replace should you go wrong. If you are concerned about fitting the worktops, then it might be worth getting a kitchen fitter to fit the entire kitchen. They are professionals in this area of work and if you are spending thousands on a kitchen, it might be worth spending that bit more to get it fitted properly so the finished product is everything you wanted it to be.

How Do You Want It To Look?

Take some time to browse all of the different options you have out there. Try to ignore current trends and instead think about the look of your house, the feel of your house, and think about how your kitchen needs to operate in a family home. Kitchens aren't something most people look to replace often, so, ideally it needs to be timeless and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

What Material Do Is Right For You?

The material you choose to use for your worktop is so important and has a huge effect on cost, feel, aesthetics and durability. There are lots of different materials you can use for kitchen worktops including: 

-       Tile - not commonly used at the moment as people tend to opt for seamless surfaces, but white porcelain tiles can look attractive and work well on the less used areas of the kitchen.

-       Hardwood - Warm and full of character, hardwood is a strong choice and sustainable options are better for eco-conscious customers.

-       Composite - Composite worktops are made from a natural stone, and engineered stone. It is highly durable and comes in a wide variety of colours and tones.

-       Granite - Granite is costly but very attractive and luxurious, and will last for a long time if looked after.

-       Laminate - Laminate is the cheapest option for worktops and comes in a huge variety of colours and wood and granite effects.

-       Corian - Corian is very modern and solid, and tends to be used in a lot of the most modern kitchen designs.

-       Stainless steel - Stainless steel is hard wearing and looks modern and attractive. It is a good choice for kitchens that are in ultra-modern houses. 

Remember to take your time when looking at worktops for your kitchen. There will always be offers on and money-off and the chances are once you know the worktop you need, you will be able to wait and get it with a discount or promotional price. The most important thing is to take your time when choosing, because a kitchen is an investment and the worktops are so central to the whole room, the material and look you choose will have a huge impact on the end result.





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