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Career & Work 496 views Aug 06, 2019
How Much Do Live-in Carers Get Paid?

Information and resources explaining how much you could get paid if you want to take on the rewarding job of a live-in carer.


In the UK our ageing population is getting much bigger fairly quickly. It is thought that within the next 26 years, a quarter of the population will be aged 65 and over. With that increase in the need for care, means there is a huge need for additional carers within the care industry. Elderly care homes always need additional staff but the biggest demand in care jobs comes from the care at home sector. Care worker jobs are in high demand when it comes to live-in care and home care services because it is now coming to light that care in the home is a really beneficial form of care all round.


Aside from the fact most people don't want to go into residential care, elderly care homes can't keep up with demand. The NHS is also struggling as there is an increase in elderly patients with nowhere to place them when they are well enough to leave the hospital. With live-in care, the benefits are spread to everyone. The client is happy remaining at home and the costs can compare favourably to residential care. There's also no need to move area or wait for a place in a local care home. The NHS benefits too because it doesn't have so many beds taken up with elderly patients, and live-in carers can enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding job where they are able to apply the care they were trained to give.

Live-in Care Work: An Overview

If you are thinking of looking into live-in care worker jobs, or applying to a live-in care agency, you will want to know the basics of what the job involves. Firstly, you should know that although it does mean you live with the client, it doesn't mean you have to be on call constantly. You are entitled to breaks and private time, and you often share your job with another carer. Usually you will work for two weeks and then swap with another carer for two weeks.


You will also have your own private room and that room is checked for suitability by the live-in care agency who will be your main employers. The agency will also train you and support you in any help or advice you need in your job role. You may be required to provide a number of different services including: personal care, cooking, cleaning, help with mobility, help with medication timetables, gardening, pet care and accompaniment to appointments.


You may also need to provide specialist care such as dementia support. You will not be placed on any jobs without the qualifications or training to complete what is needed, and you will be able to let us know which services you would prefer not to provide.

How Much Do Live-in Carers Get Paid?

The amount you are paid depends on lots of factors such as your previous experience, training, specialities, hours worked and the range of services you provide to the client. A very rough guide is between £300 and £600 pounds per week but the amount can vary hugely depending on each job.


Usually you will get paid every month and you will be entitled to sick pay and holiday pay too.

Look Into Live-in Care Worker Jobs Today

Live-in care worker jobs are on offer right now from various live-in care agencies across the country. There is a lot of work on offer, and with the right initial ingredients, you don't usually need a high education or lots of previous experience and training to gain employment. A good live-in care agency will provide you with all the training you need. Why not look into care worker jobs today? It could be your first step towards gaining the kind of compassionate job you always hoped you'd be able to do.