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Health 421 views Aug 06, 2019
How many live in carers do you need for an elderly couple?

Live-in care is provided on a personal basis – so does that mean you need two carers for a couple? Find out in this article.


When extra care support becomes inevitable it can seem equally inevitable that an elderly couple will need to be split up. While there are care homes that can take a couple spaces are limited and there may be waiting lists. Plus there will be two sets of fees to consider.


Unless both clients have very complex health needs it is usually the case that one home carer can provide care. With only one set of fees the cost is vastly reduced compared to the simple doubling of cost that occurs when you choose a care home. You can find out more at the Live-in Care Hub about fees and agencies.


Care for one, companionship for two

Often it is the case that one client needs significantly more care than the other. In some cases, bringing in a carer for the less independent person can reduce the load on the other and improve their independence as they no longer need to be a carer themselves.


A live-in carer of course provides homecare services for elderly people, but is also there for emotional support, and this can be extremely important to the client who has been providing care. Giving them a sympathetic ear to listen to them can significantly improve their mental health and give them a more positive outlook.


Different care needs, same carer

It is rare that two people have precisely the same care needs as ageing affects people in different ways. A single live-in carer is able to tailor their service to the precise needs of the couple, cooking food that they both like or taking one to a hairdressers appointment while the other is at a social club. The needs of the couple as a couple can be considered providing a precisely tailored service to meet those needs.


Actually you might need two carers!

While you only need to pay one fee for a couple you will probably get to know more than one carer. Carers are people, just like you but with years of experience in caring for the elderly and a significant number of hours of training in specialisms such as dementia, stroke victims or caring for Parkinson’s sufferers. If round the clock care is required then you will usually have a team of two or three carers who will work together on a rota to ensure that your loved ones are always cared for appropriately.


This ensures that your relatives will be cared for in their own home, surrounded by familiar possessions and pets and by people they can get to know and trust fully. You will need to discuss with your live-in care agency exactly how many carers will be on the rota, and for how long each will be staying with your family as it will depend on many factors such as how much support is needed overnight, and whether you are still intending to provide care during the day to allow the live-in carer a daily break from their duties.