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Family & Home 156 views Oct 02, 2018
How To Store Instant Film

Find out how to store instant film so you protect your precious creative projects from damage and potential theft.

Instant photography is slowly making its way back into popularity, which is really exciting for creatives who love this photography medium. Because photographs online are so easily made and shared, people are starting to enjoy single, one off items again which is why vinyl is popular again too. People want things they can hold in their hand.

Instant film is incredibly sensitive and full of different chemicals and materials that make it vulnerable to damage if it is stored incorrectly.

Some people who have kept film in a box on the shelf have fallen victim to the deterioration of their precious film, usually leading them to get a lot more serious about film storage to avoid it happening in the future.

Keep It Cool

Some advice is to keep instant film in the fridge but, you can simply use cheap self storage with climate control, such as from, and keep the temperatures really cool. It slows down any ageing and preserves the film, unlike hot environments which literally do the reverse. Do be careful to avoid putting the temperature down too low because that can cause the chemicals to crack. Speak to a professional to get an idea of the temperature your film should be stored in.

Avoid A Climate That is Too Dry Or Too Wet

An environment that is too dry will dry out the film, and one that is too wet will penetrate the film and cause it to become damaged. A neutral self storage environment is ideal for storing instant film. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight is really bad for instant film and it will affect how your images end up looking when they are developed. Any self storage units with windows should have the windows covered to avoid the direct sunlight damaging the instant film. Find out more here.

Store The Film Upright

Storing film upright protects them from becoming warped or changing in the tones and shades they would be developed in.

Film Should Be Protected

The environment could be perfect for film but they should be protected inside the unit as well. Keep the film stored upright in a protected labelled box so you don't accidentally crush it under a box of something else. Labelling it will also ensure that you can enter the unit and find exactly what you need without having to rummage through lots of things to find what you need.

Keep Your Film Secure

How much film is worth depends on the individual. It could have high financial or sentimental value that means it needs additional protection. Cheap self storage helps to ensure your film is:

  • Protected from theft
  • Protected from climate damaged
  • Stays organised
  • Stays protected from children and pets
  • Remains in good condition for many years to come

Cheap self storage can be as large or compact as you need it to be and the rates are competitive. Look into self storage for your instant film today, to look after the images of tomorrow.