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Family & Home 194 views Aug 13, 2018
How to Incorporate Loud Prints into Your Home Decor, Without Sc

Find out how to use and enjoy loud and exciting prints in your home without creating a garish aesthetic that does not appeal to your family.

Some people love loud and exciting patterns and colours, but they just don't feel able to use them for fear of creating a garish look. It is a little bit like when you go to a friends house and somehow they have a leopard print sofa and it works really well with their decor, but you just know if you tried it, it would be more shriek than chic.

You should know that there is a place for patterns in your interiors. They are a great way to add personality, interest and depth to your home and if done right, they won't cause your family to threaten to evict you for the changes you have made. Here are 10 ways to include patterns in your home without scaring your family:

Get Creative with Tiling

Porcelain tiles (Décor Tiles have a wide selection) are fantastic in neutral shades but they can also be a great entryway into patterns and exciting prints. Vintage tiles or designer floor tiles can come in a wide variety of colours and patterns that look great on a bathroom floor or in a fireplace, without overwhelming the room. If you are searching for some inspiration, look no further.

Get a Loud Sofa

A printed sofa will work in a neutral room, and it will even bring something wonderful to the room if you dot the accent colours in the pattern around the space. If you are too afraid to get a big patterned sofa, try a cheque sofa or one with a soft pattern on it to easy your way in.

Rugs and Pillows are Easily Replaced

Rugs and pillows can add a bit of aesthetic jazz to your room without making you permanently agree to the pattern. If the pillow or rug is really not acceptable to your family or you go off it, you can easily return them and get something more neutral. Pillows and rugs are the ideal way to experiment with pattern in the home without putting too much on the line.

Get Arty

Art is a great way to introduce pattern in an 'acceptable' way because it is creative so, anything goes. You could take some photos yourself of patterned objects and expand crops of those photos for your wall. You could just choose some loud art, or even just a plain cut of a print you love. A leopard print picture framed with a bright or metallic frame would look very cool on any wall.

You can introduce pattern into your home easily, you just have to be brave and go at your own pace. Your family may well respond to something new, but, they may come to love it. Even more so, they will probably love your new found creativity and passion for decor. Enjoy yourself and get creative with loud prints so the pattern shouts loud, but your personality shouts louder.