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Career & Work 255 views Sep 04, 2018
Five Major Reasons to Attend College Online

Would you prefer to attend college on campus or through the Internet? Years ago, there was not even an option available to study on the Internet. Those who wanted to learn such fields as graphic design were required to attend a technical school or university campus for several months or even years before they could graduate and move forward with their career plans.

However, in today’s world enveloped by the digital age, quite a few people admire the opportunity to work towards obtaining degrees through the Internet – such as an online graphic design degree from California Baptist University (CBU) Online.

Here are five major reasons why you should consider attending an online college:

Enjoy the Benefit of At-Home Convenience

One of the biggest perks of attending an online college is that you will hardly ever need to leave the comfort of your own home to attend. Certain courses may require you to spend a nominal amount of time on-campus within the classroom. However, even with those schools, you are still able to spend most of your instructional time from home.

Accelerated Course Options

Another reason why you should attend college online is the benefit of enjoying an accelerated course with an enhanced curriculum.

Gone are the days when everyone was expected to attend colleges or universities for at least four years regardless of the specific degree they chose to pursue. In today’s world, more and more colleges are transitioning toward accelerated programs and curriculums – an acceleration that online colleges have provided to their students for years. You can get an online graphic design degree in a fraction of the time it would take you to get a similar degree in a traditional, brick-and-mortar college.

Save a Considerable Amount of Money

In addition to accelerated course timelines and the convenience factor, you can also benefit from the savings that you will experience. Most online colleges are much more affordable than traditional colleges and universities – especially when you calculate the added cost of room & board for the students who opt to live on-campus during their years at the school. You can save money just by attending an online college even though you will still be able to obtain a comparable level of education.

You Can Maintain Your Busy Schedule and Adult Life

The chances are that you are past the age of standard grade school students wondering what they will do with their lives. As a busy adult, you may not be able to put your life on hold to attend a 4-year college or university. Fortunately, online colleges allow you to maintain your busy schedule (and busy life) and work your education into it instead of filling your life up with your education and trying to work everything else around it.

Get a Jumpstart on Your Chosen Line of Work

Since you will be working on graphic design, another great benefit of attending an online college is that you will already have plenty of time to practice getting used to your “virtual work environment” – the Internet.