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Spirituality 87 views Apr 19, 2018
Why is the death spell it's dangerous?
Death spell is one of the most terrible rites. Due to what he acts and what are the signs of a curse. Find out how you can get rid of it and even restore the damage to the one who came.

The frightening name of the ritual explains the principle of its operation. A strong energy attack with a negative program, charged to a lethal outcome, takes place on the object. Magic Death spell real as a result of the curse blocking the flow of vital energy and replacing it with negative information
Real death magic spells causes a person's moral and physical suffering. There are several signs by which you can determine the existence of a curse.
More about death spells kill someone or enemy:
Depression and apathy. If a person seems all gloomy, regardless of the real state of affairs, and life is not nice - there is reason to think about the possible curse.  Enchanted people begin to avoid contact with friends and even with close people, preferring to spend time alone. They do not notice occasions for joy and do not like being joked and laughing next to them
Sudden deterioration of health. If a person who did not suffer from any disease before, began to have problems with well-being, and the medical examination did not show any violations, perhaps it was a negative interference. This is death spell black magic also evidenced by dark spots on the body of unknown origin, frequent migraines, palpitations and excessive sweating at night. A characteristic sign is frequent nightmares.
A succession of failures. Powerful death spell of magic involves the victim in the so-called black strip, when one trouble follows another. A person can lose work, family, addicted to alcohol and drugs. At home, household appliances start to break down, furniture breaks down, and mold or fungus may appear on the walls. All circumstances are against this person.
The most famous technique for removing damage to death is called "buy-out". To do this, you need to choose the time when the Moon will begin to decrease. Then the damned should go to the nearest cemetery and find there a grave with the name of the deceased, which coincides with his own. Then a lighted church candle is put on the grave and, asking for a dead pardon for anxiety, read text:

"I will bury my death, I will defend myself from it. You've come to God's term, and now you've gone to the ground. Dead, sleep soundly, guard my death. Death, buy off from you. Amen. Amen. Amen"