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Other 256 views Jul 17, 2018
How to Choose a Fireproof Safe

There are some documents in your house which are as worthy as gold. They are very important and loosing or damaging them may cause a lot of problem to you. Most of the time, the documents are damaged or destroyed by disasters. You never know when a disaster will occur. A fireproof safe can be a great companion for you to secure your documents from any kind of damages.

If you are going to buy a fireproof safe and don’t know who to choose the right one then this article is for you. We will discuss the things that should be checked when you are purchasing a fireproof safe. Take a time to read the article and you will be able to easily choose the right fireproof safe for you.

  1. Protection

While you are buying thing, the main preference of you should be the protection. Simply you need this fireproof safe to protect your documents from the outside world. Make sure that the safe will be able to protect your keepings at any cost whatever happen. There are three main factors you want to protect your items from which are fire, theft and water. Make sure that the safe have enough strength to protect your things from those. If you live in a flood prone area than make sure that the safe is waterproof.

  1. Protection Against fire

As the name suggest, the fireproof safes are especially made to protect your files and items from the fire. The fireproof safes can protect your files from the fire for a period of time. Fire resistance safe can give a heavy protection against fire and smoke for a period of time. Normally, the safes can resist against fire from 30 minutes to 150 minutes based on the price.

  1. Locking Mechanism

Safes nowadays come with multiple locking features. There are a variety of locking mechanism amongst the mechanical locks and electronic locks. The mechanical lock requires a periodic check for maintenance when the electrical one doesn’t. The electronic locks require a passcode to open the safe. If you are looking for the highest level of security then go for the lock which is known as redundant lock. That means you will have two kinds of lock on the same safe.

  1. Size

Whether you are buying, it’s always important to check the size and go for the right size. Same thing goes for the fireproof safes. Check the size properly otherwise you will end up with the wrong size which will not be able to keep your things. The more document and items you want to store, the bigger safe you will need. Before you buy the safe gather everything you want to store and determine the size. It will help you to buy the right sized fireproof safe.


  1. Portability

Sometimes the portability of the safe is important to consider if you are living in a rented house. As you may need to change the location of the safe, the safe should be easily movable. There are varieties in the fireproof safes based on portability. Some of them are portable, some of them are well-mounted and other varieties are anchored. If you need to move the safe then simply go for a safe which is easily movable. However, the portable safes are more susceptible to the thefts. So if portability is unnecessary then go for a safe which is not easily movable.

  1. Budget

While buying a fireproof safe, budget is always important to consider. There a lot of fireproof safe available in the market from various manufacturers. The price of the fireproof safe varies on a large scale. Normally the premium safes with multiple locking system and additional features come in a higher price. Which the simples with the common lock and size come in a lower price. However, there are safes in the market which cost a lot but don’t have all the needed features. So before you buy the safe check the features carefully rather than the price.

Fireproof safes are something that can be great helpful for you time to time. It’s always good to pay for a good fireproof safe to protect the items which are highly important.