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Sports 285 views Jul 06, 2018
Proper Basketball Shooting Technique

Basketball is one of the interesting games played by millions all over the world. It gives our mind pleasure as well as a great workout to the body. The game is suitable for both boys and girls. Besides, it can be played by ages and abilities. Apart from the professional player, most of the people play the game to relieve stresses and have fun. However, the game can also help you to increase leadership skills.

Shooting is an important part of the basketball game. If you are planning to be a professional basketball player then you must know how to shoot a basketball properly. The result of the game mostly depends on the shooting. If you can develop a sharpshooting skill, you will be able to help your team much better. In this article, we will talk about some basketball shooting guide that you can use to be a better shooter.

How to properly shoot a basketball

Shooting in basketball is not as easy as it seems. Players use various techniques to shoot a ball perfectly. The BEEF method is one of the most popular and basic methods to shoot the basketball. This easy to use but effective technique is perfect for the beginner kids to learn shooting accurately. BEEF stands for Balance, Elbow, Eyes, and follow-through. You can use this tactic to shot accurately. This is the perfect technique for the kids as well as the beginner players who are learning to shoot. Here is how you shot a basketball properly.

1.   Prepare the shot

The best basketball shooters have one thing in common. They plan the shoot even before they receive the basketball. As a result, they got a lot of extra time to think where and how to shoot and have enough time to complete the shoot before a defender blocks them. That means they prepare themselves mentally for a shoot at first. The first step is all about mental preparation about the shoot. So, your main intention should be ready for the shoot before for shooting not shooting fast. Bend your knees and hips so that you don’t need any additional time for this when you get the ball.

2.   Hand placement on the ball

Hand placement on the ball plays an important role on the basketball game. It will help you to perform the shoot as better as possible. So, after you receive the ball from a player your first work will be adjusting your hand on the ball as quick as possible. The hand you are going to use should be beneath the basketball and the hand you are going to use to balance the ball should be on the side of the ball. The thumb of your shooting hand the thumb of your balance hand should form a T shape on the ball. All of your fingers of both hands should touch or grip the ball. However, make sure that the small gap in the middle of your shooting hand is not touching the ball. All of your fingers should be spread wide comfortably on the ball.


3.   Balancing the base

The main strength of a basketball shooter is their balance. Most of the football coach and players believe that the efficiency of the shoot will mainly depend on the balance of your upper body. So you will need to create a strong base for a better shooting. It will be hard to be a consistent shooter if you can’t get the base correctly. As an example, if your feet are narrower, it will be hard to balance in the time of rising for the shoot. Besides, if your feet are excessively wide, it will not get enough lift for shooting. Put your main foot (the strong one) on front and distribute your body width equally on both feet.

4.   Eyes on Target

There is a lot of difference of opinions about where should the player eyes in the time of shooting a ball. Different coaches train there player different position for targeting. However, there is nothing wrong with it as long as you shoot in the target accurately. We will suggest you find a target where you are comfortable with shooting. The most favorite target points are center front and center back of the rim, the first loop of the net, entire hoop. To get the most accurate result in the time of the shooting shot from your favorite position and shoot in your favorite target all the time.

5.   Keep the ball under the elbow

In the time of rising for a shoot, the elbow of your shooting arm should under the basketball. It will ensure that the ball will shot in the straight line as well as have a better backspin. If your flair your elbow out, most of the time the ball will fail to reach the target as it will not go in straight line. Another important part of this is using the unused hand for shooting as the balance hand. That means if you are a right-hander then you should use your left hand and if you are a left-hander than use your rights hand to keep your balance upright. Using the balance hand incorrectly will lead you to miss the ball most of the time.

It’s a tough job to be a good basketball shooter. However, with the following tips, it should be easy and interesting.