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Health 1,343 views Oct 10, 2018
How to choose an electric shaver for different skin types

Today I will pay attention to men's electric razors. Every man has his own skin and she reacts differently to shaving. Therefore, we will try to give general recommendations for choosing an electric razor, depending on the type of skin, so that you can easily choose and buy an electric razor .

Type of shaving system

Any of us who ever went to the department of electric razors knows about the existence of two types: rotary and mesh, or vibratory in another way. Basically they offer such a distribution: net razors for sensitive skin, rotary - for the rest. Why this is explained by their device.

Vibrating razors

The principle of the device is quite simple. Ground knives rotate at a certain speed and remove hair. So that they together with the hair do not capture the upper layer of the skin, they are covered with a mesh. The role of the mesh is to prevent cuts and direct contact of the cutting elements with the skin of the face. With this design, the razor does not irritate the skin and is suitable for owners of sensitive skin.Sourc:

On the other hand, it is not very suitable for owners of oily skin, as waste products of the sebaceous glands get through small holes into the device. As a result, the shaver must be very thoroughly cleaned, and with dry cleaning the effect is difficult to achieve. In this case, you must have a wet cleaning or a special autonomous system. Do not think that vibrating razors are exclusively for sensitive skin, they can be chosen by the owners of dry or normal skin. For some, it's just a matter of taste.

Rotary shavers

In rotary shavers, the role of cutting elements is performed by disks. They also rotate at a decent speed, and the hair is removed, falling into the slots in the disks. Due to the nature of such a system, skin damage is possible, but recent innovations in rotary electric shavers reduce the chance of such an event to a minimum. The main advantage of this type of razor is perfectly smooth skin. Rotary razors cope with heavily overgrown face. Vibrating razors in this case will need to walk a beard more than once or shorten it with a trimmer first.

Rotary razors do not have any contraindications regarding skin type, although vibrating ones are more suitable for sensitive ones. But here, too, the latest innovations reduce the duration of the process to a minimum, and therefore skin irritation is minimal. After all, the main cause of redness in the passage of the razor of the same places several times in a row.

Number of heads

Vibrating razors consist of at least one head, although it is better to have 2-3. In this case, the rule works: the more the better. Rotary razors have a minimum number of heads - two. Mostly come across models with 3-4 heads, although there are more.

An important factor is the mobility of the heads. With floating heads, a razor follows the contours of the face better and shaving is easier and more qualitative.

Ways to shave

All shavers work in a dry mode, but most modern razors can work in a wet mode. Some specimens function under a hot shower. The presence of wet shaving is important for sensitive skin.

Depending on what shaving products the razor works with, it can be recommended to owners of different skin types. For example, an electric appliance that works with shaving foam will not be suitable for owners of dry skin, since after foam many have a feeling of dryness and discomfort. But it will be appreciated by owners of oily skin.

A normal and sensitive skin type is suitable for an electric shaver that works with shaving gel. After this treatment, you will not need aftershave. Although many electric shavers are capable of shaving with both gel and foam. Moreover, in some models, a shaving aid tank is built in, from which the tool is evenly fed during shaving.

Additional functions

Another very important detail for owners of sensitive skin is the presence of a cooling system. This function lowers the temperature of the skin, and it reacts less to razor action.

A good option of razors with a nozzle trimmer. Firstly, you can trim grown hair and maintain a presentable look. Secondly, if the electric shaver to prepare the beard for the subsequent thorough removal of hair. Thirdly, the trimmer can trim the temples and remove the hair in the nose or ears.

Summing up, in our opinion, the owners of sensitive skin are more likely to have a reticulated electric shaver with a cooling system and a wet shave, for oily skin owners - rotary shaving foam, and for dry and normal skin - rotary shaving gel.