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Health 387 views Apr 05, 2018
Do You Need a Surgery For Kidney Stone Removal?

Kidney stones are usually formed when minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and waste products such as uric acid start accumulating in our system. Under normal healthy conditions, these substances are excreted from the system. But due to various reasons, when their levels start to accumulate in the blood, these substances solidify to give rise to kidney stones.

When detected at an early stage of development, kidney stones are smaller in size. Owing to their small dimensions, these stones often pass down and out of the system on their own. You might not even notice any symptoms as such and there might be a tad bit of discomfort or none at all. But often kidney stones are detected at a later stage when they have grown large enough in size. There is resultant pain and distress when such sizeable stones obstruct your kidney. This is when you need to consult a doctor for the treatment of the kidney stones. There are various centres for kidney stone treatment in Kolkata from where you can avail world class treatment at affordable rates.

Do You Need To Undergo Surgery?

This is the first question that comes to your mind when you are diagnosed with renal stones. Now, whether you really need to remove kidney stones by surgery or not depends on certain factors.

The size of the kidney stones as well as their location and severity are some of the points that need to be considered. Very often, tiny stones present in the ureter are treated non-surgically. If the condition is docile, being under medication can be enough to remove renal stones. However, stones of considerable size, which cause considerable swelling of the renal walls and obstruct the path, need to be removed surgically.

Various advanced methods of surgery like laser treatments, shock waves (ESWL) and Lithotripsy are now used to treat kidney stones. But to find out the most suitable treatment for you, it is advisable to get in touch with a reputed urology doctor in Kolkata.

Are Kidney Stones Likely to Come Back After Surgery?

Extensive research has confirmed that people who have been once diagnosed with kidney stones are likely to suffer from this ailment again in future. Almost 40 percent of patients are likely to develop renal stones for the second time during their lives. This is the reason why medical practitioners advise patients to keep a close watch for any symptoms that might crop up.

So if you have undergone a kidney stone surgery once, it is wise to go carry out regular follow ups with your urologist. Being conscious about what you eat and drinking enough fluids is a good way to make sure that you do not suffer from kidney stones again.

Why Do You Need To Follow Up After Surgery?

More often than not, when tiny renal stones tend to develop, the symptoms are not very prominent. You may not realise their presence until they grow large enough to cause pain and distress. Regular checkups are therefore helpful to detect the formation of stones at the earliest stage. You can nip them in the bud right away!

A visit to any of the best urology hospital in Kolkata such as RG Hospitals and others can ensure timely and reliable check-ups after your kidney stone surgery.

There might be certain initial restrictions in diet, depending on the type of surgery that was performed.  Talk to your doctor to know about the corresponding aftercare and diet plan. Adhering to a specific regimen of post surgery diet and care can minimize the risks of developing kidney stones again.