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Other 130 views Oct 06, 2018
How To Develop A Leadership Mindset
Have you ever found yourself standing at the crossroads in your life, either questioning yourself or finding it difficult to make choices, either personal or professional? Your capacity to move forward and take a leap of faith rests upon self-belief and taking charge of yourself. Developing a leadership mindset has no relation to one’s career or job title. It has everything to do with the manner in which we interpret situations and events and subsequently make decisions. i.e. the thoughts that drive actions and result in specific outcomes. We are constantly evaluating our current conditions; both consciously and unconsciously. Our perspectives regarding the circumstances in which we find ourselves today have been shaped by ideas and values learned in our formative years.

Therefore, in order to develop a leadership mindset, it is important to acquire an acute sense of self-awareness…in other words, to better understand the origin of our thoughts.

By expanding your level of awareness, you may discover that the lens you use in business and in life may not bear any relation to what is actually true, especially if previous “influencers” that shaped our world view as children, or young adults were for the most part, negative. In addition, this may provide an explanation for individuals experiencing inner conflict as well as difficulty shifting negative thoughts to positive. Ask yourself: “Do my thoughts help or impede my assessment of my present reality in order to move forward?”

Once you become more cognizant of your history and “energy” behind your perceptions, you can begin tapping into your intuition more effectively. Humans possess an inner knowing, or “gut feeling”, although we may not choose to access it. As mentioned previously, our thoughts are driven by our deeply held beliefs, which manifest as attitudes that dictate outcomes that are evident in every facet of our lives. In order to take charge of yourself, it is apropos to contemplate the following definition of “mindset” as “a belief that orients the way we handle situations — the way we sort out what is going on and what we should do.”

Equipped with the right mindset, the opportunity to “rise above” becomes less arduous. This applies to personal and professional setbacks…i.e. challenges of every description. This is not to suggest that unexpected, tragic circumstances would be less painful. Experiencing shock, heartache, or deep sorrow in the face of adversity or unanticipated events are natural emotions. Interestingly, research pertaining overcoming trauma suggests that humans possess an innate capacity to develop resilience.

Consider the dictum: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Perhaps you have experienced being looked over for a job opportunity, or suddenly “dumped” in a relationship? Or, you have inadvertently found yourself as the patriarch or matriarch of the family when a loved one passed away? Although you felt a profound sense of loss, you rebounded and gained strength from the experience.

Knowingly or unknowingly, you have honed a leadership mindset through a series of adversities. You have “led yourself” through challenging situations that invariably occur through the peaks and valley of life. As a result, you have already developed a degree of “bouncebackability” and can tap into your reservoir of resilience when confronted with the next test that life will inevitably bring.