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3 interesting toys for kids below 7

Kids are optimistic, curious creatures playing and learning every brand-new day. Before the age of 7, they are just getting acquainted with several formative things. This is a time where toys are a source of fun,but they also trigger the creativity of children. Pamper your kids with amazing toys, such as discovery kids science kits.

3 interesting toys for kids below 7

So here are some interesting toys for kids below 7:

- Building blocks

No need to go with all complicated LEGO sets,but you can give your children a set of basic building blocks. They are bound to keep them entertained for quite some time. The children can modify the blocks into building whatever they wish to make be it an airplane or a castle. Like discovery kids toys, such toys open up the doors of imagination and are great for brain development.

- Walkie Talkie

The essence of childhood lies in simplicity. Playing simple imaginary games outside with friends was part of the younger ears for many. Now we are getting lost in gadgets and gizmos. Therefore, there is a greater need to play outdoors sometime.

They are pretty interesting as children can hide in different places over a particular distance and yet talk to each other in muffled voices over the walkie-talkies. Usually,children play games acting like spies or army officers while hanging out with walkie-talkies. Transformers Walkie Talkie and SG Walkie-Talkie function as great options.

- Animal Kingdom

Many children keep a set of animal toys in their growing up stages. Whether your kid is pitting one animal against another or just decorating his/her room with the animals, it is totally up to the kid. But it serves as a fine addition to a kid’s toy box. It also helps the kid to know more about different animal species walking on the planet. A prominent example is the set of 10 collectible wild animals from Melissa and Doug.

Challenge your kids’ minds with the help of scientific and Special Needs Toys for kids.