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Business 106 views Jun 14, 2018
Best MF for SIP: Helping You Plan A Secure Future

Most of us wish to make a lot of money, but we fail to sustain that money for the future. If you are one such person with a surplus amount of money and wanting to invest, then SIP would be the right choice. SIP – Systematic Investment Plan is one of the best investment plans that you need to know about. By investing in mutual funds, you can only safeguard your investment, but also yield plenty of financial benefits.

Which is the Best Mutual Fund for SIP?

There are many fund houses that provide cost-effective mutual fund schemes to suit the requirements of every client. Kotak mutual fund offers SIP under different plans that are beneficial for the clients. When it comes to investment, clients can choose a fixed amount of money, as low as 500 rupees. The investment period is also not fixed and is left up to the choice of the investor. One can opt for monthly or yearly payments based on his/her financial requirements.

Kotak Mutual Fund provides Systematic Withdrawal Plan, which is designed to suit the needs of every investor. This is one of the best MF for SIP preferred by many. Through this scheme, clients can withdraw a certain amount of money at a pre-defined time. All you need to do is inform the management through one-time instruction and the remaining process will be taken care of. It is as simple and as eating a pie! This is best suited for those who have planned expenses.

Another type of mutual fund scheme that is best suited for clients is STP. In this scheme, clients can transfer either their appreciation amount or the fixed principal amount to another mutual fund plan. Clients have the options to switch between debt and equity schemes. The transfers can be made on a daily, quarterly, monthly or a weekly basis. This flexible transfer option makes it one of the best mutual funds for SIP. To gain more profit, it is advisable to invest in long-term mutual funds.

How to start SIP in simple Ways?

Staring a SIP account is not a herculean task as you may think. All it takes is just a few simple steps and you will get started right away! You need to go to the website of the specific fund house that you want to invest. The next thing is to provide basic information like the investment amount, time duration, plan type, dates, and other related details. Once you provide the input, your order will be placed and you can start SIP online!