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Entertainment 14,494 views Mar 22, 2014
Orbi Support Blog
Ever wondered why some people appear to have all of the luck, although some people appear to always struggle? Everyone knows someone who is definitely needing some help. Regardless of how much you attempt to help them out, they always end up in the same place they were before help arrived. Maybe you have looked at who their friends were? Who are they going to to get advice from? I was talking to a buddy of mine a few days ago about this and he explained something that just made the truth of the items he said so surreal. He told me, and that i quote "Never take advice from someone you wouldn't trade places with." Now we all know there are several people out there who might argue this little nugget of data, however for argument sake lets explore that saying just for a minute. When you are in a situation where you are searching for advice, That do you go to? Is it somebody that looks at both sides of the coin or somebody that will affiliate with you even if you are within the wrong. Within my own experience, I've been told I was wrong about a situation I had been in or even the way I had been coping with it. I might not have access to liked the truth that they didn't affiliate with me but I'm glad these were honest beside me. Does the person whom you went to have problems with their very own? Could they be struggling financially? Will they always seem to be coping with the same thing over and over again. I don't know in regards to you, But when I'm going for advice I want to visit somebody who has their property so as. If you know what i'm saying. If you are trying to make a modification of your life, Why can you visit somebody that is within worse shape than you? That wouldn't make sense. Party With Crush Articles Visit Lama Teach, [url=]Learn More About Lama Teach[/url] [ Look for Lama Teach] | So with that thought in your mind, Lets turn that thought to having your own small business. Running a business you want to gain knowledge from the best right? You want your "Go to guy" to be someone who knows within the field they are in. Or at the very least they are by having an organization or business that includes a lot of support and education to show you what exactly are trying to learn. Additionally you want someone who you can contact and speak with. How many times do you have the run-around with a phone call. Stuffed to cope with your problems so you constantly get transferred to someone else. This is not how business should be taken care of. Click Baby Minding Link If you're in business on your own, you'll need exactly the same thing. You'll need a "go to guy". Even if you're an expert using the business you're running, you still need advice from time to time. Who would you visit? I've learned over the years to find attitudes with a great outlook on life. They're pleased with their life and love to help others arrive at the devote their life that they're trying to find. Lets face it, I may be an authority at certain facets of my company but possess a weakness in other areas. So Its nice to have people who are willing to assist you. So here comes as soon as of truth I've told you the type of people I am going to for advice. I've discussed the type of people you probably find for advice. So allow me to ask you a moment of truth question. Are you currently the type of person that others arrived at for advice? Do people value that which you have to say? Do you let them know what they want to hear just to keep them as a friend? When you do give someone else advice, Is it advice that makes them want to act out in revenge towards someone else? That's not healthy. Keeping an optimistic attitude and understanding that their are a couple of sides to each coin is how I combat every situation I'm in. Understanding that the only way I can truly help them would be to consider what they're saying rather than being quick to evaluate the situation before processing what I have just heard. There has even been times which i have been hearing a buddy let me know whats going on in their life and requested advice and I've needed to let them know to let me consider it and get to all of them with my head. One other thing to consider when helping someone out. I have visited people for advice about a scenario and they have acted similar to their way was the only method. If I chose to choose one other way, I'd obtain the "I said so" reply if my decision was the wrong one. Dont be like that towards other people. If somebody comes to me for advice either about business or personal I let them know things i think, then give them my suggestions. I may even let them know what went down in my life via a similar situation. But remember that all you are trying to do is help them with YOUR advice, wisdom, and suggestions. That doesn't mean that your way should be followed.