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Business 18,682 views Mar 20, 2014
who is buying gold
If you have checked out this news recently you know how difficult everything has gotten for Europe, Cyprus is just about default and collapse unless they get a bailout of $10 billion dollars. Everything is very critic and Cyprus citizens are extremely angry because the government really wants to confiscate 10% of their lifetime savings so they can pay and get the bailout. This is a very dangerous precedent, here we are talking that the Government may take your hard earned money from the bank and employ it on their own welfare in order to save the country. Which means that your hard earned money is not safe staying with you, but storing it all in funds are additionally a bad option, because with rampant inflation you will always loose purchasing power. The very best alternative is Gold coins, gold has always been money and a store of worth, so long as you have your money in precious metals nobody can still your wealth. The price of gold can move up or down depending on several economic factors and the timing, however gold will always be worth. If hyperinflation hits tomorrow and you've got all of your money in cash you'll be in serious problem, your hard earned money is definitely worth nothing inside a blink of the eye. If however you've got a great deal of the profit gold, it's not necessary to worry because even if there is an hyperinflation or deflation you've secured your wealth in gold, you can use it to switch it for other value, to purchase land, buy food or anything. Gold bullion coins are the easiest way to invest in gold because they are easy to carry, they may be exchanged, they're a store of worth and they are accepted anywhere in the world. There are various kinds of coins, the three most widely used ones are: buy gold The American Gold Eagles Canadian Gold Maple Leafs Krugerrand Coins But retain in in your mind when you will purchase gold you need to own the actual gold and store it oneself, there is no point in buying a rare metal if the bank will keep it for you. Certificates and Paper ETFs aren't safe, you do not know if the bank has the actual gold you're buying and also you don't know if they are going to give it to you when you request it. The are many more gold certificates than there's gold to support it, them moment that you attempt to get the gold out, the bank will explain they do not have it and that they will pay you in cash, which is worth nothing.