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General 1,092 views Nov 01, 2012
g43e3wf32:The Hermes birkin parts supreme symbol of status

Luxury achievements in the life of the beautiful woman, while women love luxury, as the dedication of the men of the car will never match for the temptation of Hermes is well-deserved luxury brand Hermes birkin handbags is believed to be the highest pursuit of many women, Hermes bags price was too expensive, an ordinary Hermes package price in yuan, limited edition Hermes package price is extremely expensive, the prices of Hermes bag price Hermes can not go beyond the status achievements.

Hermès brand to establish its usual high-end, high-quality principles and unique France relaxed style, on this basis into the pop factor, which is never a charm reasons. Keep the classic and high quality,hermes purseclass production technology, durable and practical performance and simple and generous, elegant and exquisite combination, Hermès is not only the identity, status symbol, but also can make your life timeless fashion known as thing.

Hermes Handbag is the most famous are Hermes Birkin and Hermes Kelly. hermes birkin and Hermes Kelly from the 1980s, due to too popular, but limited production of craftsmen, global approach to custom, the average ordered a, probably need to wait two years time Kelly packages each have more models, respectively, including 28cm, 32cm, 35cm, 40cm, and mini size and other specifications, up to 33 kinds of material, more than 209 kinds of colors.