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Motivation 1,390 views Oct 26, 2012
n5e3w34dsf:Céline 2012 Handbag Guinness the regression crafts

The flow profile handicraft sense of 2012 celine bags series is much more gentle. "Away from the industrialized, exit the battle in the city and troubles, Phoebe Philo wanted to express the theme is travel, not a destination country or place, but a return to handicrafts feeling.

"Celine Cabas Bags" series of simple and pure and full of fun, easiest top leather deductive style, no decoration but it can be used in every season. 2011 spring and summer launched a new cross edition the trumpet size, with a long shoulder strap and zipper. The material new Leopard jute the Canapa canvas, leopard horsehair, rare leather like python skin and alligator, as well as a limited edition of hand-woven a silk floss.

"Celine Luggage Bags" series is the Céline another iconic package shall, multi-purpose, large capacity, great investment value. 2012 spring and summer launched a new two-color shrunken sheepskin, Canapa canvas, leopard jute, python skin and alligator style, as well as a silk floss limited edition of hand-woven.

"Celine Classic Bags" series is the most iconic Céline bag models, sophisticated and timeless and classic. 2011 spring and summer launched a new yellow and pink Box leather and many rare leather styles, including Ayers snakeskin, yellow, white, black python skin and milky white, burgundy, black, yellow alligator.

The new "Zip Around" series by definition a zipper throughout Baoshen, reflecting the smooth lines of minimalism. Clear, sharp, precise, elegant contrast to the masculine styling with the feminine metal chain and zipper formation. Different materials vary Feel: rich texture Box leather, smooth and soft, smooth leather, simple, somewhat shiny smooth sheepskin. Evening bag to a large shoulder bag, a total of three sizes. Extraordinary superb craftsmanship, each structural details visible, regardless of the bags external or internal flawless. The process requires strict selection of the finest leather, and the most meticulous molding and sewing skills. The "CéLINE PARIS MADE IN ITALY" mark, Clasp buckles, mushrooms buckle and knot detail gives the series it is difficult to resist the charm of art. celine bags iconic double leather composite 100% (100% bonded) structure, not only applied to clothing, is also reflected in the handbag craftsmanship. "Clasp" series unlined, but simple two-tier top leather composite soft touch distinctive curvature and flexibility, and to create a distinctive modern image. The outer layer of smooth leather, Box leather or soft python skin, the inner layer of the grease-like soft sheepskin, different style with subtle color contrast.