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Health 932 views Oct 23, 2012
t4fger4dwf:Celine Luggage series of bags

The celine bags series of bags inspired by a travel bag, Luggage series is designed by Phoebe Philo for Celine first series of the core components of. Celine Luggage series of bags inspired from a travel bag, Luggage series is the first series of the core component designed by Phoebe Philo for Celine. The positive dimensional wavy structure with adjustable two wings of order this package is extra special.

In the fall and winter of 2012, celine luggage bags series has been given a new, softer surface "wave-shaped" structure, in order to form a surprising contrast to the hard exterior and soft leather. celine luggage bags series production process to follow the highest level of the top traditional leather-making. Due to its unique iconic structure, front pockets and other metal parts appear to be relatively low-key, but many details of the process unique: shoulder handle radian perfect fit; back of the butterfly-shaped leather accessories with scarves; open wire stitched leather trim.

Celine Classic Bags series, as well as a full set of small leather goods and other accessories, noble and slender. The historic original design, with its keen sense of touch to show us a contemporary talent. Alternative made ​​from buffalo leather, smooth leather, suede, Mongolian sheepskin to College sent two rare leather striped flannel as well as crocodile and python skin. Celine Classic Bags series total of three sizes: Mini, medium, large number.