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Health 934 views Oct 19, 2012
t5gh4ew5f:Hermes classic purses story

From classic Kelly Bag, chic and self Birkin Bag, to previously just launched the dataset initially analyzed by Yeoh Bag actress Michelle Yeoh named, Hermes's handbag named to the beautiful women is not only a symbol of Zoran taste behind some very Jinjin Lock Road story.

Birkin Bag

The famous Hermes handbag Birkin Bag named a French actress Jane Birkin. Aircraft marriage encounter, the incumbent Hermes President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Du Mai met a first time mother, Jane Birkin. In the course of conversation, Jane Birkin explained that she did not use the Kelly bag Kelly bag bag body is narrow, so she could not put the baby's diapers, bottles and other debris at the same time put. To this end, Mr. Du Mai had an idea to design a larger capacity of the Birkin Bag. Since then, HERMES and Jane Birkin also forged a bond.

Both elegant and practical in one of the Birkin Bag, not only can fully demonstrate the ability and confidence of modern women, especially in leisure time for Travel boarding the Birkin Bag is easy to match and full of fashion sense and therefore favored by the general public. birkin handbags large capacity, easy to place the file, there are a number of professional women in the pursuit of high taste to use it as a briefcase.

hermes birkin Bag soft pack and hard pack two models, a total of three different size dimensions in order for consumers to choose. Birkin Bag and Kelly Bag same interpretation by the saddle bags from somewhat similar appearance. But is not difficult to find the Birkin Bag Kelly Bag wide and deep body bags than the,hermes purse cover bag also modified into a casual neat sheet than Ji Li package free and easy heroic.