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Humor 1,002 views Oct 19, 2012
t5gh4ew5f:European and American star big celine bags how to tak

celine bags now seems to have become a new generation of IT Bag, box-retro packets or big luggage bags, so the countless tide artificially crazy. The same time, the latest hot Classic Bags now become a large influx of people hot models, "Eason Mrs." XuHaoYing the Faye Wong has back out to the streets this package, can be seen the degree of its popularity. Let us take a look at the streets of the influx of people celine bags, see how they better interpretation of spring style!

Black Luggage handbags

A black and gray dress with what handbag? Celine black luggage bags is undoubtedly the best choice. Abnormal domineering black celine luggage bags, with leather trousers and boots, cool sense of the full! If you are also a favorite neutral style girls wish to consider starting a black celine luggage bags!

Black-and-white luggage bags

Black-and-white celine luggage bags is probably the most wild color models, and also the many stars celine luggage bags to buy one. Blue jacket and blue knitted scarf, celine luggage bags with black and white, has a harmonious unity, and highly practical celine luggage bags are always able to accompany you to attend a number of occasions.

Khaki luggage bags

Spring and summer, a lot of girls clothes colors are relatively shallow, khaki Luggage handbags can be accompanied with numerous clothes, both light gray suit or casual paragraph trousers, khaki Luggage handbags can with styles together.

Black Classic Bags

Classic Bags are now more and more the favorite fashion up to the people, as shopping bags look cute shape and also have the practical. Black Celine Classic Bags are also favorite black girls bags with zippers on both sides reveal the slightest taste of treason.

Classic Bags of candy colors

This spring and summer fashion candy colors almost trend focus on well-known streets, candy-colored still embodies handbags popular the only candy colored Celine Classic Bags I believe we can cause the interest of many girls favorite sweet color, light brown and bright orange people feel suddenly shining with the season many candy-colored clothing, is perfect!