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Health 819 views Oct 16, 2012
d5rt43er:Céline 2012 Winter Classic Series

celine luggage bags simply victory in 2011, becoming the most popular street shooting package one. Céline brand, and even feel a certain degree, and re-entered the people's vision. Is actually the old brand, but the old brand also occasionally need a few dazzling product to talk briefly gas.

2012 Céline, again only mention gas bag, 2012 Winter Classic series. Still from Céline Luggage author Céline creative director Phoebe Philo. The only package is fully pays "understated luxury" word, at first glance looks only feel particularly comfortable, but can not say where particularly good. But very, very engaging and totally impeccable, the details of the entire celine luggage bags.

Deconstruction of the folding type, with a knot buckle, elegant apart unconventional. Celine Classic Bags cortex double leather, the inner layer is very soft lambskin, the outer layer is smooth leather, Box leather or soft python skin, look on the texture is very good. Such a celine bags, whether commuting or out to the streets, carry out feel whole heads held high number of temperament is too superior.