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Family & Home 848 views Oct 16, 2012
d5rt43er:Celine 2012 autumn brand new Handbag

I think Celine in recent years, each series Duman noteworthy, and very worthy of the series to introduce. celine luggage bags series for the spring and summer of 2012, Celine Pouch Series for the 2012 fall and winter, autumn and winter 2012 Celine Classic Bags series. After reunification in 2009, Celine Phoebe Philo, Celine almost every series has become a classic trend. This is Celine 2012 Handbag series of autumn and winter, is a very grab the eye works.

Celine's Handbag series, it is directly called Handbag series, I think this a little feeling of chasing, probably a little of your other home takes in behind me mean, seems Celine Handbag series is also out of this consideration. Celine Handbag series in two dimensions, in addition to the slender size of this picture, there is a slightly shorter size of the normal ratio. Material aspects of leather, python skin and black crocodile leather is optional, even if it is one of the most popular leather, is made ​​by the finest leather, the texture is very smooth and detailed. Black and white, short paragraph long section of the orange and dark brown color.

celine bags structure as a whole is very atmospheric, take this bag in the picture, completely constructed of a metal frame and shiny leather, very neat altogether. Will not be tough too, just right of the arc gives the feeling is still pretty woman.