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Entertainment 825 views Oct 11, 2012
uy7h3d3v:2012 new Celine luggage series bags

The new Celine creative director Phoebe Philo hope to express a contemporary minimalist style, mainly simple, refined styling, classic and unique, beyond age and season, focus on functionality rather than fashion trends, you can mix and match. This luggage bag series, Celine creative director Phoebe Philo is called the "Anti-It Bag". Never outdated classic style, represents the spirit of the Revivalist in the middle class, no extra detail or decoration, can be used with any clothing, basic models celine luggage bag handmade quality French box leather, leather leige main roll with the palm of the volume the surface slightly fissile, showing a subtle semi-reflective state, while the plant tanning method so that with the passage of time has a more attractive luster, even leaving minor scratches only adding to the retro flavor. Lined with very soft the finest Nappa lambskin, between the skin and the lining of a thin layer of felt material, thus the formation of the clever edge radians enclaves sleek curves. Strong practicality and functionality in any occasion can be given to women in perfect shape, reveal a casual elegance and casual.

Unique safety and mysterious signs locking, light gold, made ​​of brass, not through any coating treatment, it can be presented as the years went retro aesthetic, low-key brand identity hidden below the buckle flip leather below. celine luggage handbag series trumpet and number two sizes, three to use. Adjustable shoulder strap length is also removable, whims and carried over the shoulder can mix and match casual wear, a strong sense of contrast highlights its retro temperament, remove the shoulder strap can be used as a hand bag to attend a banquet, and the shoulder strap more alone as belt use. Without too much modification package shall abandon vulgar, refused to show off, but still with a strong personality, and each bag can mix and match. celine luggage handbag series of simple luxury, from the inside to the outside are made of the finest materials and a high level of manual, from creative development to every minute detail of the production are well thought out.